Introducing the NEW Standard Audio Level-Or Mk2 Dual!

Introducing the NEW Standard Audio Level-Or Mk2 Dual!

By Front End Audio on Jun 1st 2022

Introducing the NEW Standard Audio Level-Or Mk2 Dual!

Standard Audio has just released the new Standard Audio Level-Or MK2 Dual Limiter! The Level-Or Mk2 Dual is a two channel JFET limiter and harmonic distortion processor in a single space 19" rack unit. This design is based on the 500 series format Level-Or Mk2 with some additional features and functions.

The Level-Or Mk2 Dual includes all features and improvements of the MK2 500-Series module (lower noise, bypass switch, instrument DI) PLUS a mix knob, stereo linking, and a unique serial channel Cascade mode. The unit includes an over-designed internal power supply and a very rugged, corrosion-resistant steel chassis along with an aluminum front panel. The core of each Level-Or Mk2 Dual Channel JFET transistor-based limiter, originally inspired by the Shure Level-Loc PA limiter. In Level mode, this section acts as an extremely high ration limiter. In Crunch mode, this section uses (and abuses) a series of Class A discrete transistor stages to provide anything from subtle harmonic enhancement to complete destruction of the audio signal. 


  • Dual channel 19" 1U format
  • Same features as Level-Or Mk2 plus mix knob
  • Limiter Sidechain Link
  • Serial channel CASCADE mode
  • Line Level balanced input with relay bypass
  • Line Level output capable of driving balanced 600-ohm loads
  • Discrete JFET Limiter with Level and Crunch operating modes
  • Instrument DI on front panel
  • Universal power supply
  • Sturdy, corrosion resistant steel chassis

The new Standard Audio Level-Or MK2 Dual Limiter is available for purchase NOW at Front End Audio! If you have any questions, give us a call and we'll be happy to assist!

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