Introducing the New Samar MG20 Microphone!

Introducing the New Samar MG20 Microphone!

By Front End Audio on Feb 1st 2023

Introducing the New Samar MG20 Microphone!

The Samar MG20 Microphone is a transformer-coupled, small diaphragm condenser microphone with very low self-noise, high SPL handling, natural sound, smooth response and a full extended low end.

At the core of the MG20 is a high quality capsule working in tandem with a transformer-coupled circuit consisting of a solo iFet. This circuit design is similar to a classic KM84 with a few modern tweaks to help bolster performance. With wound chambered topology adopted from the Neumann BV8, the 80% nickel-core laminated MG20 transformer has very low capacitance and excellent high frequency response. 

Thanks to its efficient construction, innovative form factor and open mesh screen, the MG20 has been deigned to form a sort of acoustic lens which helps eliminate reflections and sound wave interference providing excellent off-axis response and minimal phase distortion for the most acoustically transparent sound possible. 

The MG20, is ideal for vocals, voice over, and podcast applications where minimal sibilance is a priority. Also, its extended low end and smooth top end make it an excellent choice for recording violins, brass and string instruments, drum overheads, percussion instruments, room microphones, orchestra and choirs.

Made in the USA in Salt Lake City, UT

For more information visit the Product Page or call us at 1-888-228-4530. We're here to help!

Samar MG20 Microphone - Demo at Front End Audio

Check out the Samar MG20 Microphone "In Action" here at Front End Audio, where we take a listen to this microphone on Acoustic Guitar. So sit back, turn up your monitor levels and enjoy! 

Samar MG20 Microphone - Out Of The Box at Front End Audio

Take a quick look at the Samar MG20 Microphone, the features and what you can expect when you open up the box! 

Samar MG20 Microphone - Gear360 at Front End Audio

Check out the Samar MG20 Microphone on Front End Audio's Gear360. 

"When I tried the Samar MG20 on an acoustic guitar for the first time, I was surprised by the low-end response. Unlike a lot of other SDC mics I've used, the MG20 sounded big! It required me to adjust the mic position a little farther back than I normally would, ultimately producing a really balanced sound with an open and smooth top-end. Simply put, the MG20 is special! Check out the Samar MG20, you won’t be disappointed!"


Wes DeLoach - Pro Audio Sales

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