​Introducing the New Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier

​Introducing the New Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier

By Front End Audio on Aug 2nd 2022

​Introducing the New Lindell Audio LiN 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier

Here at Front End Audio, we've been checking out the BRAND NEW Lindell Audio Lin 76 Vintage Limiting Amplifier which recreates nuances of vintage-era ‘76-style FET compressors. The sound of these classic, industry-standards live on in the LiN 76, along with the acclaimed “all-button” mode – a sound that has remained popular from the 70’s to today.

At this price point, I wasn't sure what to expect from the Lindell LiN 76..especially given the number of other 1176 style "clones/recreations" on the market. But after spending some time with this compressor, I was impressed! As 1176 FET style compressors are, this unit is very fast. And sonically, I feel it’s cleaner than some of its competition! That being said, speeding up the attack can add a nice weight to your track. This would be a great tracking compressor to have for things like bass guitar and vocals. But if you’re looking to slam/smash a mono drum room microphone or throw this on a parallel bus, it’s great for that too - at higher ratios. The “all buttons in mode” does that thing that 1176 style compressors do. And it does it well. As for the build quality, the LiN 76 looks and feels more expensive than it is. The buttons all feel good. And the pots are all stepped with good resistance. Lindell did a great job with the LiN 76 and for the money, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better sounding 1176 style hardware compressor. Get one and hear it for yourself! – Wes D  

Hear it in action

Our very own Wes DeLoach puts the LiN 76 to the test in this informative demonstration video. 

Out of the box

Take a quick look at the LiN 76 and get an idea of what you can expect when you open the box!

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