Introducing the Gainlab Audio Bishop Tube Channel Strip

Introducing the Gainlab Audio Bishop Tube Channel Strip

By Front End Audio on Dec 21st 2022

Introducing the Gainlab Audio Bishop Tube Channel Strip

The Bishop Tube Channel Strip by Gainlab Audio is an all tube channel strip with a tube mic preamp, dual slope optical compressor and plethora of unique creative tone shaping options that you can't get with any other channel strip.

The preamp section includes inputs for mic, instrument and line level signals and consists of three vacuum tubes for ultimate warmth on all sources. In addition to the usual pad, polarity and phantom power switches, the Bishop also has a special drive pot allowing you to color your vocals and instruments through discrete components. The large eye catching ring is a stepped gain selector separated into two selectable scales which provides even gain up to +60dB. 

The large, classic VU meter displays the output level while the new, modern LED's to the right provide you with precise gain reduction readings allowing you to see your overall output level and gain reduction simultaneously. 

The unique dual slope optical compressor brings more possibilities than ever before to the traditional 2A-style optical tube compressor with its controllable character, timing and threshold options. 

Directly above the output attenuator is a selectable high pass filter with selectable corner frequencies at 120 or 60 Hz, and to the right you'll find your new secret weapon – the Dynamic Air Band. This functions as a typical air band but with the compressor engaged, it reacts to compression levels and provides unique high frequency character.

Like all Gainlab Audio products, the Bishop is built like a tank with durable controls, all metal enclosure, engraved front panel and only the highest quality internal components. 

For detailed specs and additional information, please visit the Product Page or call us at 1-888-228-4530. We're here to help!

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