Introducing the All-New Elysia xpressor neo Compressor Family

Introducing the All-New Elysia xpressor neo Compressor Family

By Front End Audio on Dec 9th 2022

Introducing the All-New Elysia xpressor neo Compressor Family

Building upon the modern-classic Elysia xpressor compressor, the xpresser neo Compressorxpressor neo 500 500-Series Compressor and xpressor neo qube 500-Series Compressor have been re-engineered, redesigned and refined to deliver more depth, transparency and three dimensional processing than the original.

The Elysia xpressor compressor is and always has been a Class-A VCA compressor intended for recording, mixing and mastering. A combination of RMS detection, with a soft-knee curve gives the xpressor neo its distinctive, smooth control response and fast, punchy transients making it ideal on single instruments, groups or the mix bus.

So, what's new with the updated line of xpressor neo compressors? Well, it starts with its all-new front panel design with high quality haptics making all units in the series less light-reflective so you can more easily see what you're doing even in the most dimly lit studios. Also, all values have been laser-etched and burned into the aluminum enabling you to see the the position of the potentiometers more clearly and preventing the values from wearing off over time. They've also changed the gain reduction LEDs to make the xpressor neo look cleaner and easier on the eyes and the logo has been enlarged, enhancing the upscale Elysia vibe. As if that wasn't enough, all knobs benefit from an upgraded finish and the buttons now have a small dent further improving upon the unit's look and feel. Also, the edge cutouts have been relocated from the middle of the face plate to the sides, giving the xpressor neo a more prominent appearance and more significant frame.

At first glance, the xpressor neo appears to have all the same controls as any classic VCA compressor with its threshold, attack, release and ratio controls. However, the xpressor expands upon these with negative ratios for heavy compression and pumping, a tunable lowcut, sidechain filter to help avoid over-compression and pumping whenever there's an abundance of low-end energy in the mix and a unique, gain reduction limiter restricts the maximum amount of compression by governing the control voltage outside the audio path. On top of that, the xpressor neo offers onboard parallel compression allowing you to blend between compressed and uncompressed audio via the mix knob. Also, Elysia's Warm mode, offers a second sonic flavor by altering the frequency spectrum, harmonics and transients response. In this mode, the xpressor neo has a more saturated and rich tone. Sometimes linear time constants with their aggressive, dynamic behavior don't fit the source material. However, the Logarithmic mode offers smoother operation making the xpressor neo ideal for stereo bus and mastering applications. What's more, the Auto Fast mode gives you additional freedom and flexibility when choosing longer attack times. With the Auto Fast mode engaged, the attack time will be automatically shortened on fast and loud signals. 

The current xpressor rack, 500 series and QUBE versions are being discontinued effective immediately.

For detailed specs and additional information, please visit the Product Pages or call us at 1-888-228-4530. We're here to help!

Handcrafted in Germany.

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