Ingram Engineering – 19 years of Pro Audio Dedication

Ingram Engineering – 19 years of Pro Audio Dedication

Nov 9th 2017

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Ingram Engineering is a small boutique audio company based out of Atlanta Georgia. With nearly 20 years under their belt; 'Ingram specializes in the design and production of versatile high end audio gear, utilizing classic circuit design topologies and techniques as the basis of their original designs. The results yield great musical character and sound, with an unparalleled consistency in a variety of uses/conditions.'

Ingram Engineering recently announced their new EQ50 500 series EQ Module, back in November of 2016. The EQ50 started shipping last December. “The EQ50 contains extremely versatile and musical sounding Low Cut, High Cut, and See-Saw filters with a simple and intuitive user interface. Expert circuit design and top quality components realize an outstanding equalizer that is ideal for individual tracks or for mixing and mastering stereo signals when the modules are used in pairs. Extremely high input common mode rejection capability is realized, even down to critical power supply frequencies. High qualify film caps, low distortion resistors and excellent quality integrated active stages realize a high headroom, low noise, and low distortion equalizer with superb audio quality.

The Ingram EQ50 is designed as a Mastering Grade mono EQ, in the compact convenient form factor of a 500 series module, and at a price that makes in easily in reach of home studio owners. However, it is equally at home in a professional studio. Further, Ingram stands behind their gear, providing a 3 year warranty for the EQ50 – so you know you can trust in it to bring you music to the finished level. With it's simplified and intuitive controls, you'll be able to quickly dial up the right sound for your tracks, or masters, with a sweet and musical touch.

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