Grace Design announces the m201 MKII

Grace Design announces the m201 MKII

Mar 11th 2020

Grace Design has announced the new m201 MKII pre. The Grace Design m201 MKII builds upon the original m201, but redesigned to be more "paired down", where Grace: "eliminated the A/D option as this is functionality is now best served buy our current m108 8 channel mic preamp A/D. We have eliminated the M+S matrix and a few other functions to really focused on making the finest, purist style 2 channel mic preamp we can. These refinements also serve to bring the price down to where even more recording engineers can now afford Grace Design flagship mic preamp performance."

"The m201mk2 will bring out the very best in your entire microphone collection. Your favorite large diaphragm mics will sound like they were intended, with detail and texture in extra measure. Your humble dynamics mics will come alive with newfound dynamics and clarity. Ribbons mics will perform their best with our exclusive ribbon mic mode, which shifts the gain range up 10dB while deactivating 48V phantom power, bypassing the decoupling capacitors and optimizing the input impedance."

Anyone that has used Grace Design preamps before, know about the natural, yet clean and balanced sound they provide, with a extra touch of clarity. Their preamps have always exhibited a high definition image that captures the life of the performance. So Grace Design improving upon an already impressive design, is something to be excited about.

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