Getting a Taste for what dB is Serving Up

Getting a Taste for what dB is Serving Up

Nov 9th 2017

Front End Audio is looking to expand our Live Sound offerings; you know - keeping things fresh and exciting for ya'll.

The folks at dB Technologies were kind enough to drive some gear down and set up a demonstration to give us a little taste of what they have to offer. And our folks here at FEA just gobbled it up!

In the picture you can see their ES 503 system to the left. This little system was quite exciting when considering how great they sounded and how easy they are to set up. The possible real world applications are endless.

To the right of the ES 503 is a four stack of dB's 3 way active line array module DVA K5 and two of their semi horn loaded subwoofer DVA KS10. When we cranked those babies up a couple squirrels fell out of a tree! Reika Dog was on the scene immediately of course...

Overall, Front End Audio looks forward to demoing a few more pieces. We will keep you all posted on the details and our final thoughts.

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