Gainlab Announces the Dictator DM (Dual Mono)

Gainlab Announces the Dictator DM (Dual Mono)

Dec 15th 2021

Gainlab has announce their Dictator DM (Dual Mono) Variable-Mu style compressor. This is a welcome addition to the line that sits right next to the original stereo only Dictator. For those that are looking for a little more power out of the rich and flexible compressor, the new DM version offers exactly as the name implies - a version of the Dictator with independent left and right channels. However, it still features a linking function for stereo applications.

The feature allows for more flexibility in the application of the Dictator. With independent channels that are linkable, you can use the Dictator DM for mono, dual mono, independent stereo, and stereo compression applications in tracking, mixing, and mastering. Now you can comp your kick and snare on the way in with different settings, or a bass and a guitar, mono vocals, handle a bus/stereo source with tailored settings on each independent channel, or do traditional stereo bus/mix/mastering compression. With the rich and full ranged sound of the Dictator, this is a really nice version to have. Further all controls are stepped, so you have accuracy in your settings, as well as easy matching and recall.

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