Focusrite Clarett + Announced!

Focusrite Clarett + Announced!

By Front End Audio on Dec 6th 2021

Focusrite Clarett + Announced!

Focusrite has just announced the evolution of the Clarett Audio Interface line to the new Clarett+ edition. In a statement on there website, Focusrite noted:

"Clarett+ builds on the strengths of the previous Clarett ranges. Each interface offers a variety of improvements to help you make your best music:

  • Reduced THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise) performance on the analogue inputs provide an even more accurate representation of the source signals than the previous Clarett interfaces.
  • A newly chosen D-A converter used in conjunction with meticulously
    designed output filter circuitry gives you greater control of your mix and retains a high level of clarity.
  • Improved headphone outputs and DAC performance provide a true representation of the source at all levels — on any headphones — and inform decisions at every stage of the creative process."

Focusrite had been around for a long time, and is well regarded for their quality, sound, and reliability. The Clarett line has brought all of these aspects of Focusrite to the home studio market. The Clarett+ line looks to be a nice evolution of an already great line.

A release date his not yet been announced (though these are expected early 2022), so keep an eye in Front End Audio for more information as it comes.

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