Dynaudio Core 47 and Core Subwoofer - Coming Soon!

Dynaudio Core 47 and Core Subwoofer - Coming Soon!

Sep 12th 2019

Dynaudio is extending their Core line of monitors to include the Dynaudio Core 47 three-way monitors and Dynaudio Core Subwoofer. These new additions to the line are expeted to start shipping soon so contact you Front End audio sales rep for additional informaiton.

Core 47 is the mid-size model of the Core range. The new, compact three-way monitor comes with a 7in woofer, a dedicated 4in midrange driver and the new 28mm Esotar Pro tweeter - and the same state-of-the-art Pascal class-D amplifiers as the rest of the family.

The Core Subwoofer is the ideal low-frequency partner to any Core-based set-up. With four long-throw woofers and 1000W of power, Core Sub delivers powerful and reliable low-frequency reproduction.

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