Direct Sound Announces New DS-73 and DS-74 Monitoring Headphones

Direct Sound Announces New DS-73 and DS-74 Monitoring Headphones

By Front End Audio on Aug 12th 2022

Direct Sound Announces New DS-73 and DS-74 Monitoring Headphones

The new Direct Sound DS-73 and DS-74 headphones are professional monitoring headphones designed for critical listening, mixing and mastering applications. Both are effective at reducing ambient noise and deliver exceptional sound.

The DS-73 are semi-open headphones which combine the advantages of opened and closed back headphones. With transparent highs, accurate mid range and powerful low-end they provide flat, natural sound with clear separation.

The DS-74 headphones are closed-back headphones ideal for recording and tracking in the studio. They offer balanced mids and lows as well as clear and powerful high frequency response.

I am partial to semi and fully open back headphones, so it's no wonder that I really like the Direct Sound DS-73 Headphones. These things are full ranged, open, and accurate. If you need critical listening, these are headphones to consider. They let you really listen into the audio and get a clear picture of what's going on, allowing you to make the decisions you need to in editing and mix reference. They are precise, but musical and do not generate ear fatigue. Further, they are super comfortable to wear. Direct Sound nailed it with these headphones.


The Direct Sound DS-74 Headphones are a new direction for Direct Sound (is there a pun there?). These are quite impressive reference grade headphones. They tamed the bottom end enough to ensure there is not the artificial build up that you normally can get with closed back headphones, keeping them very even. Combine that with the detail they provide, and you get a headphone that is very well suited for tracking, mix reference, and editing applications. Furthermore, these are extremely comfortable to wear. Direct Sound did a great job with the DS-74s.


Ryan Ferris - Pro Audio Sales Manager

Front End Audio

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