Coles in your stocking

Coles in your stocking

By Front End Audio on Dec 13th 2017

Coles in your stocking

This is one time you definitely want Cole in your stocking...... well actually, that is Coles.

As if the Winter Holidays couldn't get any cooler (no pun intended), there is a big sale on nearly all things Coles going on right now! And when we say, " big sale", even we are excited and surprised about the deals.

A few examples:

Coles 4038 Matched Stereo Pair = $2,360.00 (normally $3,126.00)

Coles 4050 Stereo Ribbon Microphone w/ Single Shock Mount = $2,207.00 (normally $2,735.00)

So head on over to our site - Coles Holiday Sale @ Front End Audio
and stuff those stocking!

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