Black Lion Audio PBR8 500-Series Patchbay Rack (is smart, son)

Black Lion Audio PBR8 500-Series Patchbay Rack (is smart, son)

Feb 3rd 2018

Black Lion Audio has just announced their new Black Lion Audio PBR8 500-Series Patchbay Rack. The PBR8 offers 8 slots and a robust power supply (400mA per rail) for those that want a solid 500 series rack. But what makes this 500 series power supply so unique, is that it features a fully balanced TT/Bantam patchbay right on the front face of the unit!

Now you can easily and quickly patch and chain your 500 series modules, at any time, as needed, right from the face of your Black Lion Audio 500 series power supply. While many 500 series racks that are a permanent fixture in studios (and all ready connected to a patchbay) – having a floating auxiliary rack in a studio, or for mobile sessions, isn't uncommon. Furthermore, the line between the studio and the stage is still blurring, and in both situations, having access to the patchbay feature of the PBR8 would be invaluable. This is also a huge plus for smaller studios and home studios that cannot afford the gear and mini-overhaul to add more patchbays to their set up (if they have one at all). Having the patching and chaining ability on the PBR8 is not only handy, but nicer to your wallet.

This one little genius feature (backed by BLA's know how), is sure to make the PBR8 a success.

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