Announcing the SPL Phonitor 3 Headphone & Monitor Controller

Announcing the SPL Phonitor 3 Headphone & Monitor Controller

By Front End Audio on May 3rd 2023

Announcing the SPL Phonitor 3 Headphone & Monitor Controller

In an addition to the highly regarded Phonitor line up, SPL (the well loved German based Pro Audio company) has announced and released (coming mid-May) the all new SPL Phonitor 3 Headphone & Monitor Controller. The Phonitor 3 serves as a headphone amplifier, monitor controller, and DAC, utilizing their 120V technology.

SPL notes of the Phonitor 3:
"Phonitor 3 DAC is not only the ultimate headphone amplifier and monitoring controller with 120V technology – the integrated DAC makes it the perfect monitoring centerpiece for demanding producers as well as sound and mastering engineers working with digital sources or in the DAW.

Whether if USB, AES/EBU or S/PDIF – the integrated DAC with analog SLP120 converts digital PCM audio signals with a resolution of 32 bit and a sampling rate of up to 768 kHz. It converts DSD signals with a resolution of up to DSD256.

On the analog side, the Phonitor 3 DAC, based on the SPL 120V technology, offers the same monitoring quality as the big SPL mastering consoles – on loudspeakers and headphones. The analog Phonitor Matrix allows mixing and mastering on headphones in the highest quality – with the same spatial perception of the stereo stage as on loudspeakers.

In addition to providing superior sound quality for studio monitors, as well as headphones (of any impedance), along with a high-end DAC providing up to 32bit/769kHz resolution and DSD support (DSD256 - these features are over USB, all other digital I/O supports 24bit/192kHz resolution), the Phonitor 3 features SPL's Matrix control. With SPL's Matrix control, you can simulate the crossfeed, center level, and angle of speakers/monitors, in your headphones - providing the spacial sense that allows us to hear the music properly with headphones. Along with many other features, the SPL Phonitor 3 Headphone & Monitor Controller is a powerhouse for mixing and mastering engineers, and will likely find a home in the audiophile world with a warm reception.

Along with the Phonitor 3 SPL provides the SPL Phonitor 3 Expansion Rack Bundle enhancing the Phonitor 3. The SPL Expansion Rack is not only a 19″ rack housing for the Phonitor 3 DAC, it also expands the connection possibilities. This allows the Phonitor 3 DAC to become a monitor controller for up to four stereo speaker pairs!

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