Auralex Sonomatt 48 Acoustic Panels

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Auralex Sonomatt 48
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Auralex Sonomatt 48 Acoustic Panels

The Auralex Sonomatt 48 Acoustic Panels are the perfect product for the budget-conscious, yet acoustically-discerning, customer.

Sonomatt acoustic foam panels are cut in the industry standard "eggcrate" style to keep its price low & absorbs almost as well as 2" Studiofoam Wedges, but it still outperforms competing "premium" brands that cost way more! Due to the manufacturing process Auralex uses, Sonomatt's dimple pattern will not be square to the edges of the panels, so installing them side by side may not be advised from a visual consistency standpoint. It may be the perfect choice for those who intend to cover their sound control materials with acoustical cloth.

Auralex Sonomatt 48 Acoustic Panels Features

  • Box Includes: (2) 4' x 8' x 2" panels
  • Suggested Adhesive: 1 x Auralex Foamtak or 3 x Auralex Tubetak
  • Noise Reduction Coeficient: 0.70
  • Package Coverage: 64 square feet

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