Auralex SonoLite Absorption Panels


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The Auralex SonoLite Absorption Panels are designed to reduce unwanted reflections and flutter echo in critical listening environments such as control rooms, live rooms and rehearsal spaces.

At the core of each panel is the Auralex high performance Studiofoam Pro, allowing the SonoLite wall panel to achieve an NRC rating of 0.80. Offered in two attractive velour fabric color options, black and tan, they are designed to mount to flat walls and ceilings. For added low-frequency control, consider using SonoLite Bass Traps in the corners of your room. If you are looking for a full wall treatment set, have a look at the SonoLite SonoKits and add the brand new SonoLite Cloud Panel System above the listening/mix position to complete the whole room treatment package.

Auralex SonoLite Absorption Panels Features

  • Reduce Unwanted Acoustical Reflections
  • Tame Chaotic Reverberation
  • Affordable Absorption Solution For Professional & Residential Settings
  • Overall NRC = 0.80
  • Available In Stylish Black Or Tan Velour Fabric

Auralex SonoLite Absorption Panels Includes

  • 2 Panels
  • EZ-Stick Pro Mounting Tabs

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What We Think


The Auralex SonoLite panels are pretty much the best thing in acoustic treatment to happen to home studio owners. Plain and simple, they work. I have these on the walls in my home studio (mainly around my drums), and immediately I noticed a difference in the acoustics of my room. These panels did an amazing job of controlling the high-mids and highs, to extremely reduce the flutter I was getting off the flat walls and ceiling. Now my drum tracks (especially the overhead) sound better, and more detailed. All because of a simple panel that is not only affordable for us home studio guys and gals, but actually looks good. Seriously, they are actually pleasant to look at, and do not create an eye sore. Well worth the investment!

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

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