Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel (24 Pieces)

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Auralex RC8
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Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel (24 Pieces)

Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel

Auralex RC8 Resilient Channel (24 pieces) Details

Auralex's RC8 Resilient Channel is a specially-formed, sturdy metal device that, when used to hang drywall (instead of just attaching the drywall to the studs or joists), GREATLY improves the sound transmission characteristics of the wall or ceiling system.

RC8 should be installed horizontally at the bottom and top of your wall, then every 2' or less in between. Up to (2) layers of 5/8" drywall and a layer of SheetBlok may be hung on RC8, even on a ceiling.

RC8 is available in handy 8' lengths that are ground shippable. There are (24) 8' pieces per box. It's unbeatable!

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