Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core Thunderbolt Audio Interface


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The Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core Audio Interface is a desktop interface that exemplifies our high standards in sound and enables collaboration and expansion for your growing small to mid-size studio.

An elegant solution for bedroom musicians, traveling artists and audio engineers, the interface keeps everything that makes the Zen line great, and provides versatility, and next-level effects processing to recording sessions needing four analog input channels.

Pristine Recordings
The Zen Q Synergy Core is equipped with professional grade AD/DA converters and Discrete console-grade preamps that share circuits with legendary consoles. Gluing it all together is the same 64-bit AFC™ clocking technology from our high-end master clocks, which are a staple in the world’s top recording studios.

The Finest Real-Time Analog-Modeled Effects
The interface comes with 37 Synergy Core effects which can be used in real-time while monitoring and mixing. Faithfullymodeled after the original blueprints of classic and rare analog gear, the effects give you iconic sounds and many options to experiment when creating.

Flexible Recording Experience
With two preamps working as microphone/line/Hi-Z inputs and two analog line/Hi-Z inputs, the interface is designed to handlea solo or collaborative session needing up to four analog inputs for vocal or instrument tracking. When recording a larger project, you can take advantage of the ADAT input to expand with an outboard preamp.

Antelope Zen Q Synergy Core Audio Interface Features

  • 14 x 10 desktop bus-powered audio interface with Thunderbolt 3 for Mac/Windows;
  • Two Discrete ultra-linear preamps working as microphone/line/Hi-Z inputs, on combo XLR jacks;
  • Two line/Hi-Z inputs over TRS;
  • Two DC-coupled line outputs over TRS;
  • Stereo monitor output pair over TRS;
  • Two stereo headphone outputs with independent gain control over TRS;
  • Digitally expandable over SPDIF I/O (up to 2 channels);
  • Digitally expandable over ADAT input(up to 8 channels);
  • Thunderbolt 3 for native DAW application with custom macOS & Windows drivers;
  • Proprietary 64-bit AFC™ (Acoustically FocusedClocking) technology;
  • High-resolution A/D and D/A conversion and mastering-grade converter with 127dB of headroom;
  • 37 Analog-modeled effects included and over 50 available for additional purchase;
  • 2×DSP, 1×FPGA Synergy Core proprietary onboardplatform for effects processing;
  • Direct hardware monitoring with effects, processed in real-time with imperceptible latency;
  • Multi-functional color IPS display.

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