ADK Z-Mod Z-251 Tube Microphone

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ADK Z-Mod Z-251 Tube Microphone

The ADK Z-Mod Z-251 Tube Microphone is a true workhorse. With it's extremely balanced, yet very sweet and 3 dimensional tone, the Z-251 will take any sound source you feed it, and presents it to you in a natural, pleasant way.

The ADK Z-Mod Z-251 Tube Microphone is one of the most flattering female vocal mics of all time (that male vocalists often like, too). The ADK Z-251 is based on the legendary 251 microphone which has been known to sell for up to $30,000. The Z-251 has an amazingly sweet top end with a little less presence, yet more air compared to either the Z-12 or Z-67. Out of all the 251 clones in today's market, the ADK Z-251 is the one that wins almost every shoot-out - even against vintage models! ADK's Golden-Ears all chose the American Jensen transformer to perfectly compliment their only 3 micron capsule.

ADK Z-Mod Z-251 Tube Microphone Features

  • American Chrome and Powder-Coat Chassis.
  • Hand-Crafted in USA Electronics Assembly.
  • Jensen Transformer.
  • 5 Year Warranty.

ADK Z-Mod Z-251 Tube Microphone Includes

  • Z-251 Tube Microphone.
  • Elegant American-Made Tweed Flight Case.
  • American Hardwood Velvet Lined Microphone Case.
  • Heavy-Duty Ring-Shock Combination Suspension Mount.
  • Heavy-Duty Low-Profile Ring Mount (Hard-Mount).
  • Pop Filter Pop Filter (w/ Gooseneck and Clamp).
  • Switchable 115/230v Power Supply with 9 Polar Patterns.
  • 16′ USA Made Accusound Silver-Pro 7-Pin Tube Microphone XLR Cable.
  • 16′ USA Made Accusound Silver-Pro 3-Pin Microphone XLR Cable.
  • Spare Elastics for Shock Mount.
  • Extra Low-Noise Valve/Tube Sampler Pack for fine-tuning mic characteristics.

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