ADK Custom Shop Cremona 251-T-FET Microphone

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ADK Custom Shop Cremona 251-T-FET Microphone

The ADK Custom Shop Cremona 251-T-FET Microphone is a true workhorse. No matter the sound source, the Cremona captures it with honesty and musicality. With it's airy top end, balanced mids, deep bottom, and three polar patterns - the ADK Cremona is perfect for any application.

ADK Custom Shop Cremona 251-T-FET Microphone is based on a unique FET circuit that saturates gradually (unlike most condenser microphones which tend to clip abruptly). Key to the Tonality -a Belgian-American-Australian-Designed Capsule, British Oxford Transformers, Hi-End Phillips Norelco Uber-FET. Manufactured with Hi-Fi Methods and Materials, including a $6 Resistor! It took three microphone experts including a PhD in Physics, a Design Genius in Belgium and a 40 year-old Mic Locker to create it! Two-Way Attenuation Pads & Two Way HP Filter to enable end-user to tailor the dynamic behavior of the microphone and create new textures, with rarely the need for outboard processors or even EQ. Medium Mids, Extra Air! The Cremona 251-T is a tri-polar microphone with selectable Cardioid, Figure-8, and Omni pickup patterns.

All Class-A F.E.T. design manufactured in 3 Zigma Aerospace Manufacturing facility with British Oxford Transformer, and premium quality Low-Noise 3 Zigma capsules with Vintage Voicing Curves. The audiophile circuitry differs from lesser-designs in that it is designed for Soft-Saturation at extremely high SPL as instead of going into the "crunch" and unpleasant distortion (not the good kind of distortion!) of hard-clipping.

ADK Custom Shop Cremona 251-T-FET Microphone Specifications

  • Acoustical operating principle: 27.5mm large diaphragm pressure gradient transducer
  • Directional pattern: Cardioid, Figure 8, Omni
  • Frequency range: 20Hz~20kHz
  • Sensitivity: -35dB (17.8mV/Pa)
  • Output impedance: 200 ohms
  • Equivalent noise A-weighted: 11 dB
  • S/N ratio (A-weighted, rel 1Pa): 83dB
  • Maximum SPL: 136dB with 16dB pad
  • Dynamic range: 125dB
  • Supply voltage: 48 volts (P48)

ADK Custom Shop Cremona 251-T-FET Microphone Includes

  • Cremona 251-T-FET
  • Premium Wood Jewel Box
  • Ring Mount

What We Think

"The ADK Cremona 251-Au is a fantastic microphone! It's perhaps the only solid state microphone in it's price range which sports a "251style capsule" of it's quality of sound and construction. In fact, this is the same capsule you'll find in the premium ADK Custom Shop CS-251 microphone, which is as fine sounding a microphone as you can hope for in a 251 style format. You're not just getting a microphone here; you're getting a complete package. Seriously, there is nothing more that you'll need here, except for a microphone stand... and Front End Audio includes one for you - but not just any stand, this is an Ultimate Support Pro-T-T which is a premium quality, heavy-duty microphone stand. Any way you slice it, the ADK Custom Shop microphones are a tremendous value, but also sound fantastic and musical without any hint of a brittle top end, which is all too common with an microphone with an airy top-end. Try it out if you're after this kind of sound - you won't be disappointed."

- Front End Audio

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  • 5
    Amazing ADK!

    Posted by Richard Ordoubegian on Sep 23rd 2015

    Just picked this ADK-251 Custom Shop and really love the mic! On vocals I noticed smooth top end as well as rich lows, I'll be using this on acoustic
    guitar and other instruments as well.

  • 5
    I own 2 because they're that good!

    Posted by Ryan Hubener on Apr 16th 2015

    My go to vocal mic, and I just bought a 2nd one to have a stereo pair. This mic has a smooth midrange, the right amount of presence, and an airy top end that just works wonders on vocals. No sibilance. It's perfect!

  • 5
    Great Mic!!!

    Posted by Nicholas Homa on Mar 11th 2015

    I was in search of a nice fet mic to compliment my telefunken and miktek cv4 tube mics and this was a great solution. It caputure the creamy mid sound you expect from a 251, style mic, with the detail and crispyness of a FET mic. I have used many FET mics from neumann, but I must say the ADK just sits in the mix better.

  • 5
    ADK cremona 251

    Posted by Lee Davis on May 27th 2014

    Sounds great on everything I've tried it on so far. Especially female vocals and acoustic guitar.