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Lavry Engineering 4496 Preamp Module

Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-4
Lavry Engineering Blue 4496-4
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Lavry Engineering Blue 2-Channel Microphone Preamp Module

Lavry Engineering Blue 2-Channel Microphone Preamp Module

Lavry Engineering Blue 2-Channel Microphone Preamp Module

The Lavry Engineering Blue 2-Channel Microphone Preamp Module provides state of the art noise performance that accommodates even the weakest microphone signals, and a wide input range for the strongest mic signals. Ultra-low distortions across the complete audio frequency band insure maximum signal transparency at all gain settings.

The MicPre is designed to yield a superior dynamic range even for high source impedance microphones. The transformer free input provides pure and transparent bass, while featuring state of the art in common mode rejection exceeding transformer based units (for elimination of hum and interference pickup). Phantom power per channel is ultra-low noise double shunt regulated for minimum noise and channel separation.

Outside, the no-nonsense controls are extremely user friendly. Each channel is equipped with a 2-digit gain setting display and up/down switch. These individual controls accommodate 21-70dB of gain in 1dB steps. A Gain Pad switch (per stereo pair) changes the gain range to 11-60dB, for higher level inputs or to feed lower voltage analog interfaces. The last gain settings are stored and will reappear at next use.

Each stereo pair has a microphone selection switch (Condenser, Dynamic or Ribbon), for microphone load optimization. Setting to ??condenser? activates the phantom power. Internal jumpers allow change from balanced to unbalanced outputs, and for disabling the phantom power when using self-powered vintage mic??s.

This unit operates with AC power from 90 - 264 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

The LavryBlue Microphone Preamplifier is a dual channel??double width? unit. This means that a 4496 frame can hold a total of two MicPre??s or one MicPre and two other modules. One popular configuration is the ??2A2D2MicPre,? which has two channels each of A-to-D, D-to-A, and microphone preamplification.

Please keep in mind that the M.MICPRE is NOT a standalone unit and requires installation in the Lavry Engineering Blue Chassis. Front End Audio recommends that you consider some of these preconfigured Lavry Blue Series Microphone Preamp racks if you are considering your first purchase of a Lavry Blue Assembly:

Lavry Engineering Blue 2-Channel Microphone Preamp Module

  • Two channels of professional microphone preamplification
  • Impedance matching for Condenser, Dynamic, and Ribbon mic??s
  • Super-low noise and distortion over a wide input and gain range
  • Transformerless electronically balanced inputs and outputs
  • Precision Gain setting 21-70 dB??s in 1dB steps
  • 48V Phantom power with internal disable for vintage condenser mics

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