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Pauly Ton PR120-03 Superscreen

Pauly Ton PR120-03
Pauly Ton PR120-03
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Pauly Ton PR120-03 Superscreen

The Pauly Ton PR120-03 Superscreen combines the unique and super effective Pauly Ton PR120 popscreen, with both of their innovative 01 and 02 rubber strap mounting systems. This package provides the ultimate in creative popscreen application, with the worlds greatest popscreen.

The Pauly Ton PR120-03 Superscreen is a special PACKAGE of both the "01" and "02" mounts together with the Pauly Superscreen, but without a gooseneck. This is the perfect package for those desiring the ultimate in flexibility where it is preferred that the Superscreen to fit snuggly on the body of either a large diaphragm side-address microphone (the "01" mount) or small diaphragm end-address microphone (the "02" mount). The very clever mounting systems of the PR120-01 and the PR120-02 makes the Pauly Ton PR120-03 Superscreen mounting system really work in the studio - no matter the form factor of the microphone being used.

This is demonstrably one of the most innovative mounting designs to date because it really doesn't care about the shape it wraps around. The PR120-02 doesn't leave marks or scratches and can even be "woven" inside shock mounts to fit wierd mics.

Pauly Ton PR120-03 Superscreen Features

  • "01" Mounting System holds the Superscreen about 2.25" inches from the mic body - the perfect distance!
  • "02" Mounting System holds the Superscreen 3" from the mic body mount - this positions the screen within 1" to 2" from the diaphragm, depending on the microphone itself
  • Non-reflective texture coated medium grey finish
  • Screen fabric will last a lifetime
  • Some Tips for Care and Feeding of your Pauly Superscreen:
    • DO NOT allow food or spit to accumulate on the screen
    • The screen can be cleaned with a very mild soap (such a dishwashing soap) and water. Do not use chemicals or scrub the screen with abrasive

Pauly Ton PR120-03 Superscreen Specifications

  • Pauly Supercreen Dimensions: 4.75" in diameter by 3/8"deep
  • "01" Clear Rubber Mounting Strap Dimensions: 8.5" long by 1.5" wide
  • "02" Clear Rubber Mounting Strap Dimensions: 3.625" long
  • "01" Required Microphone Body Circumference Range:
    • 8.5" (largest)
    • 3.5" (smallest)
  • "02" Required Microphone Body Circumference Range:
    • 3.625" (largest)
    • 2.5" (smallest)

Pauly Ton PR120-03 Superscreen Includes

  • Pauly Ton PR120 Popscreen
  • "01" Rubber Strap Mount
  • "02" Rubber Strap Mount

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