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Front End Audio Ultimate Starter Studio Bundle

FEA Ultimate Starter Studio Bundle
FEA Ultimate Starter Studio Bundle
List Price: $1,022.31
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Sale Price: $599.00

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Front End Audio Ultimate Starter Studio Bundle

We designed this bundle to give the best path for those just starting out. Not only does it help save money and makes starting out easier, but it also future proofs you.

First in the bundle is the Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 V2. The Scarlett 6i6 V2 offers great conversion, the easy and mobility of USB 2.0, two smooth and musical mic preamps, two line level input, 4 line outputs, SPDIF and MIDI I/O, as well as two headphone outs. So as your demands for multi-tracking grow, the interface offers expandability to 6 inputs and outputs. This allows up to 6 simultaneous recorded tracks; and during mixing, gives you the ability to run out to outboard gear (via outs 3&4, or the SPDIF I/O), while maintaining your monitors on outs 1&2. The MIDI I/O gives you access to external MIDI controllers and hardware instruments, and two headphone outs provides monitoring for multiple artists when tracking.

*Customers can download the Softube Time and Tone Pack for free from their download area on focusrite.com; valid with all registered purchases of Focusrite Scarlett, Saffire, and Clarett Interfaces that were made on or after September 1st, 2015.

Next in the bundle is Presonus Studio One Artist 3.3. Studio One offers a lot of professional music and engineering tools, in a very intuitive and workflow friendly DAW. MIDI and Audio integration is a snap, and Producer Edition provides third party plug-in and virtual instrument support, along with mp3 output for fast digital release of your songs/albums. And as your demands grow, the upgrade path to Studio One Professional is easy, and affordable - once again future proofing yourself with this bundle.

Next is the ADK A6, RapcoHorizon M4 cable, and Ultimate Support MC-40B mic stand. The RapcoHorizon M4 is a high quality quad braided cable with Neutrik connectors, providing great sound quality and durability. This cable will not hinder the mics performance, and its durability will last - making this a long time contributor to your audio endeavors. The MC-40B is a durable and stable boom mic stand that will last, and provide plenty of mic positioning options for what your sessions demand. Even as you add more cables and stands to your set up, these will remain valid to your studio. The very same goes for the ADK A6. The A6 is a natural and musical sounding mic, and that makes it a workhorse. No matter the sound source (vocals, guitars, drums, etc), the A6 will provide great sounding tracks. ADK is known for their high end Custom Shop microphones are loved by many professional musicians and engineers. Their Audiophile line of mics, are an equally impressive value, making them a top choice in the affordable mic category. Even bands like MegaDeth have used ADK Audiophile mics!

When tracking, you need quality headphones that let you hear the music accurately, and provides enough isolation that you do need lost of gain (damaging your hearing), and causing bleed in your tracks. That is why we chose the Shure SRH440 headphones. These are very natural, open, and dynamic making them great for tracking, editing, and even mix reference. More over, they feature replaceable cables and ear pads. So if the cable or ear pads wear out or get damaged, you are not loosing your investment, you just simply replace what needs to be replaced. Offering 19dB of isolation means that you do not have to turn up the gain on the headphones - thus saving your hearing, and greatly reducing bleed in your tracks. The Shure SRH440s, are the perfect choice.

So now you have virtually everything you need to get started (maybe save monitors. but we are getting there), and once more, this package offers expandability, so as your needs and demands grow - the gear is there to meet those needs and stay relevant, while also providing a smooth upgrade path when you are ready to make that next major step. If you already have studio monitors, you are making music right out of the box. If you need monitors, add one of our Yamaha HS monitor bundles, and have a complete studio, while saving a bunch of money. It couldn't be easier to work on a budget, get quality gear with room to grow.

What We Think

The Focusrite Scarlett interfaces are just solid. Well built, super stable drivers, good necessary features, and an overall great sound. Presonus Studio One is one of the most feature rich DAWs out there, and is hands down the most user friendly. It flexes to you, and doesn't force you to have to learn it. It also as a cool rounded tubey kind of sound. The ADK A6 is one of the best well rounded workhorse mics on the market. Natural, balanced, musical, and controlled it doesn't matter the sound source, the ADK A6 will get you a great track every time. RapcoHorizon M4 quad cables, the perfect balance of quality and affordability. Neutrik connectors, quality 99.9% oxygen free quad copper cabling, and a lifetime warranty, what's not to love. The MC-40B from Ultimate Support is another perfect balance between quality and affordability. Well built, stable, and durable. An all around solid choice as an everyday mic stand. These are the reasons we assembled this package. Quality, affordability, and reliability. This gear works, works well, will not let you down, and will save you money to boot.

- Ryan

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