Waves IR360 Surround Convolution Reverb Plug-In

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Waves IR360 Surround Convolution Reverb Plug-In

Major motion pictures in 5.1 Surround require spatial emulation that is 100% believable. Only the astonishing accuracy and complete control of convolution reverb will do. That's why top sound engineers choose Waves IR360.

Waves IR360 Surround Convolution Reverb Plug-In Details

Waves IR360 reverbs offer great control of individual parameters but can't accurately reproduce the sound of real acoustic spaces. Convolution reverbs are sample-based, and so capture natural reverb, but haven't offered the flexible controls of simulated reverb-until now. With the IR-360, you get the actual captured sound of the world's best venues and unmatched control using the traditional parameters you're already familiar with.

Efficient mixdown techniques for CPU-friendly processing
When processing one surround format to create a different surround format, IR-360 uses mixdown techniques to make the process more efficient and practical. All surround to surround configurations are offered in both 5 channel to 5 channel, and 5.1 channel to 5.1 channel, with the LFE channel passed to the output without any further processing: sound field surround to surround using 6 convolutions, plus efficient discrete surround to surround using 4 convolutions.

Tools to capture your own samples
You can now capture the sound of your favorite acoustic spaces and hardware devices. To make your own sample, just play the included sweep signal (a pure tone whose frequency changes continuously from low to high frequency) into an acoustic space or through an outboard processor (such as an analog EQ or reverb box) and record the result. IR-360 then lets you import and de-convolve the recording, creating a sample that's ready to use.

Extensive library of improved impulse response samples with miking options
Waves engineers have traveled the world to capture the sounds of the most revered venues, from the Sydney Opera House in Australia to Wembly Stadium in London to the Birdland jazz club in Manhattan. Now we've added even more venues, with improved sound and a choice of samples recorded with different microphone placements for a variety of reverb within the same venue. You also get practical samples from stairwells, vehicle interiors, and even a cavern. The new library is now provided on a DVD disc with a dedicated installation program.

Waves IR360 Surround Convolution Reverb Plug-In Features

  • Mono to 5-channel discrete surround processing using 4 or 5 convolutions
  • Efficient stereo to 5 channel discrete surround processing using 4 or 5 convolution
  • Mono to 5 channel sound field processing using 3 convolutions
  • Efficient stereo to 5 channel sound field processing using 3 convolutions
  • Full stereo to 5 channel sound field processing using 6 convolutions
  • Supports AAX Native, RTAS, AU, and VST
  • This Plug-in is also included in Mercury
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Waves IR360 Surround Convolution Reverb Plug-In Additional Information

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