Tonecraft BoostMate Hi-Z Converter


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The Tonecraft BoostMate Hi-Z Converter converts your TUBE D.I. (which really ought to be the Tonecraft 363, btw) into a glorious sounding tube Mic Preamp! It also converts dynamic, tube and ribbon mics to a level where you can send the signals into stompbox effect pedals and guitar amplifiers.

The Tonecraft BoostMate is a simple yet powerful solution that allows you to use microphones with your studio's tube direct boxes, effects pedals and guitar amplifiers. Simply plug your mic into the Tonecraft BoostMate's XLR input and run a short 1/4" guitar patch cable to your Tube D.I., effects pedal or amplifier. Your Tube D.I. has now been transformed into a high quality Tube Mic Pre with an extra 20db of gain and your effects pedals and amps are being fed with a full frequency, noise free signal so you can create superior amped and effected recordings without having to re-amp later.

In the past the common fix was an inline Lo-Z to Hi-Z adaptor, but these units use tiny, unshielded transformers that are notoriously noisy, prone to overloading and dramatically roll off both high and low frequencies. The Tonecraft BoostMate features a high quality Mu Metal shielded transformer with excellent frequency response, level handling and noise immunity. The body is all steel and designed for heavy use. A fully passive device, the Tonecraft BoostMate requires no power for use with dynamic, ribbon and tube microphones.

The Tonecraft BoostMate is a simple necessity for every studio.

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