Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software

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Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10
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Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software

Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software offers an affordable yet highly powerful set of high quality tools, devoted to the needs of home producers and musicians, covering all the basic needs for audio mastering.

Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software is perfectly tailored to hobby musicians, radio freelancers and home studio owners. Based on the approved WaveLab Pro mastering solution, the Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software highlights proven editing and analysis tools, a valuable selection of restoration and mastering plug-ins, a CD burning engine and much more — all accessible through an intuitive user interface.

Creative Audio Refinement
With three stereo tracks, numerous editing tools and support for many different file formats, Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 is the ideal choice for radio journalists as well as for simple mastering and audio editing tasks. Simply cut out unwanted noise, crossfade between takes or enhance the clarity of speech recordings using clip- or track-based effects. Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 provides a streamlined user interface that allows for a fast and convenient workflow. The single-window interface contains a central tab area, incorporating the most often used functions and the waveform display. Working with Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 has never been easier and more creative!

MasterRig – and More Quality Effects
Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 offers more than 25 studio-grade effect plug-ins that allow you to increase the quality of your audio material or to change its character. Add some punch with the Tube Compressor and Brickwall Limiter, and adjust the pitch and tempo of your recordings. Get your tracks radio-ready by using Steinberg WaveLab Elements’ MasterRig, a mastering plug-in suite derived from the professional WaveLab Pro version. MasterRig consists of 5 modules: EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Saturator and Imager which can be easily arranged to create an individual high-class audio effect-chain.

Analyze Your Audio Material
With the global analysis you can detect peaks, errors, the pitch or bit depth of your recorded files. Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 also includes a state-of-the-art Spectrogram, offering a visual representation of the frequency spectrum of your audio files. If that's not enough, the 3D spectrum analysis and the included real-time analyzing tools, Spectroscope, Oscilloscope and VU metering, provide detailed feedback on your audio's quality — and help you achieve professional results.

Repair Impaired Recordings
Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 highlights a premium restoration plug-in suite. RestoreRig helps you remove any kind of unwanted noise, clicks, pops, crackle, buzz or hum fast and effectively. Restore old vinyl and tape recordings, fine-tune the recording of your band's last gig or get rid of environmental noise — it's up to you.

Work Like a Pro
The time-saving batch conversion functions allow you to convert a large number of audio files in one go. And thanks to the metadata support you can add the artist's name, pictures, copyright, date and more to your files. Plus, the single-window plug-in management or the auto-replay option are valuable improvements for multiplying your productivity. In addition, Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 provides a seamless and direct exchange of audio material with Cubase and Nuendo allowing you to create a powerful mix and mastering chain.

Master Your Tracks
CD mastering is more than just increasing the loudness of music tracks and putting these into the right order. That's why Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 includes an intuitive burning engine, allowing you to create truly professional audio CDs. Thanks to the thought-out marker management you can accurately define the start and end points or adjust the breaks to your taste.

Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software Features

  • Video playback support
  • Undo/Redo History for Audio Editor
  • Montage Inspector
  • Audio Montage track list overhaul
  • Marker List and CD List follow playback indicator
  • Import Markers from XML file
  • Increased amount of effects and playback processing slots
  • Real-time Rendering with audition
  • Improved third-party VST plug-in support
  • Improved playback performance

Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software Specifications

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)Download size: 231 MB
  • macOS High Sierra / macOS MojaveDownload size: 206 MB
  • 4 GB minimum required memory
  • 4 GB free storage space

Steinberg WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software Includes

  • License for WaveLab Elements 10 Mastering Software

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