SPL Track One Channel Strip

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SPL Track One
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SPL Track One Channel Strip

The SPL Track One Channel Strip features a mono preamp, de-esser, comp/limiter, and 3-band EQ, making it a perfect complete tool for recording vocals and instruments.

The SPL Track One Channel Stripp is a channel strip that excels primarily in two aspects: it is disarmingly easy to use and offers outstanding sound qualities. This concept is ideally suited for all kinds of vocal and instrument recordings in studio, broadcast or live applications. The controls are reduced to the necessary basics to ensure highest user-friendliness. Therefore, working with the Track One can be dramatically time-saving which is most important especially in live situations. Its excellent sound quality qualifies the Track One as a highly recommended alternative to built-in console preamps and processing tools. All the modules are immediately at hand for fast interactions. Recording a voice and providing clarity, detail and intelligibility is a question of seconds.

SPL Track One Channel Strip Features

  • Preamp
    • The microphone input features 48V phantom power and a rumble filter.
    • The low-impedance Line input has a precise balancing stage for connecting studio equipment.
    • The low-noise, high-impedance instrument input is positioned on the rear of the Track One.
  • De-Esser
    • The renowned SPL De-Esser subtly yet effectively removes offending sibilants by reliably eliminating only the “S” frequencies with its unique phase-cancelling processing technology.
  • Compressor
    • The compressor is extremely easy to use via a single knob. But the signal-dependent automation not only allows for set and forget operation, it also grants very musical results in any situation. Actually it is much more difficult to destroy a recording with wrong compression settings.
  • EQ
    • The Track One provides a new EQ design especially optimized to process vocals, acoustic and electronic instruments. Low, Mid Hi, and Air-Bands allow for both corrective adjustments and/or effective sound designing processing.

SPL Track One Channel Strip Specifications

  • Input & Outputs
    • Input impedance: 12 kOhm (Line) / 1 MOhm (Instru)
    • Max. input level: +28 dBu (Line) / +12 dBu (Instru)
    • Max. output level: +20 dBu
    • Output impedance: 50 Ohm
  • Frequency response:
    • 10 Hz-200 kHz (Mic Input; 200 kHz = -3 dB)
    • 10 Hz-180 kHz (Line/Instrument Input; 180 kHz = -3 dB)
  • THD & N (A-weighted):
    • 20 dB Gain: -97,5dBu (Mic Input)
    • 40 dB Gain: -91,0dBu (Mic Input)
    • 65 dB Gain: -69,6 dBu (Mic Input)
    • 7 dB Gain: -98,4 dBu (Line/Instrument Input)
    • 20 dB Gain: -95,8 dBu (Line/Instrument Input)
    • 42 dB Gain: -77,2 dBu (Line/Instrument Input)
  • Dynamic range: 115 dB
  • Common mode rejection: 1 kHz: -80 dB / 10 kHz: -68 dB (at -20 dBu)
  • Power supply
    • Toroidal transformer: 15 VA
    • Spannungswahlschalter
    • Ground-Lift-Schalter
    • Fuses: 315 mA (230 V/50 Hz); 630 mA (115 V/60 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 482 x 44 x 210 mm; 19" x 1.73" x 8.27"
  • Weight: 3.1 kg; 6.83lbs

SPL Track One Channel Strip Includes

  • Track One Transistor Preamp Channel Strip
  • Power Cable
  • Manual
  • Two Year Warranty

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