Speck Electronics VF10 Fader System

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The Speck Electronics VF10 Fader System offers a brand new way to connect your 500-Series gear and audio gear. The VF10 is the perfect solution for riding level to 'tape' or your converter inputs. Reclaim the performance aspect of recording's yesteryear and inject some soul back into the process!

The Speck Electronics VF10 Fader System is more than just 10 slide faders. Each fader channel has the necessary input and output electronics to allow the via Fader to interface to any balanced, unbalanced, transformer, or transformer-less line level signal. But most importantly... no additional mixer or audio interface is required.

With its clean, uncluttered layout, the via Fader can be placed in a convenient desktop location or installed in your 19" rack. This gives you more choices when it comes to the studio layout.

Not exclusively for 500 rack systems, the via Fader can be used for external DAW summing or as a line mixer for synths and samplers. In many cases, the via Fader can eliminate the need for a mixing console in your studio. The four via Fader models give you lots of possibilities.

Speck Electronics VF10 Fader System Features

  • Ten - 100mm Fader channels.
  • All fader channels have active-balanced inputs and outputs on DB25 style connectors.
  • 100% analog signal path.
  • Ultra-low distortion transparent signal path with +28dBu maximum input and output.
  • 10dB gain boost select available for each fader channel.
  • Two mounting choices: Place on your desktop or install in a standard 19" rack.
  • The Model VF10 has the industry standard 1.5" spacing found on the 10 slot 500 series rack.
  • 120V or 230V external power supply included.

Speck Electronics VF10 Fader System Specifications

  • Frequency Response (10 dB gain): 3Hz-54kHz (+0/-.5dB)
  • THD+n (Gain 10, Output +24dBu): .0024%
  • Noise (22Hz-22kHz):
    • -102dBu (Residual output noise)
    • -87dBu (16 channels routed, faders off)
  • Maximum Input Level: +28dBu
  • Maximum Output Level: +28dBu
  • Input Impedance:
    • 30K Ohms (Balanced)
    • 15K Ohms (Unbalanced)
  • Output Impedance: 60 Ohms
  • Dimensions (Mixer): WxHxD = 19" x 7" x 6" (483mm x 178mm x 152mm)
  • Dimensions (Power Supply): WxHxD = 4.6" x 2.75" x 7.3" (117mm x 70mm x 185mm)
  • Shipping Weight (Mixer & PS): 15 Lbs (6.8kg)

Speck Electronics VF10 Fader System Includes

  • Speck VF10
  • Power Supply
  • Manual

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What We Think


The Speck Electronics VF10, VF10M, VF16, and VF16M fader packs really fill a hole in the audio landscape where outboard preamps and 500-series gear has largely replaced recording consoles. 'Riding levels to tape' is something that has virtually disappeared from the process, and the recording engineer is more of a process monitor rather than active participant. The VF10 and VF16 deliver IN-LINE fader level to insert between your recording preamps and chains before they hit the converter (or even tape machine) inputs, whereas the VF10M and VF16M (M being the operative indicator for "Mixing") creates a panning and summing mixer situation for the output side of the DAW (or, again, tape machine). We're really excited because the availability of these Speck Outboard Fader Systems really creates an opportunity to put some human feel back into the process of recording and mixing. Call Front End Audio at 888-228-4530 to help configure your setup!

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