Samar ShokBase Shock Mount (Medium)


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The Samar ShokBase Shock Mount is a universal, and revolutionary approach for mitigating microphone shocks and vibrations. This light version is designed for for larger microphones that are 8 oz to 2 lbs.

Despite its compact dimensions, the ShokBase offers remarkable effectiveness across various microphone types and is intended to be used with virtually any microphone on the market, seamlessly integrating with existing microphone clips or holders and acting as an adapter between the microphone holder and stand. Such innovative and unique solution makes the ShokBase virtually invisible while maintaining high effectiveness, making it suitable for a wide range of applications such as the video and movie industry, live performances, home and professional recording studios, drum kits, podcasts, conference microphone applications, and much more. The device is built in house at the Samar Audio Design shop in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The ShokBase boasts a sophisticated internal structure utilizing three principles of dealing with shocks and vibrations: damping, isolation, and cancellation. This is made possible through the use of modern damping and isolating materials allowing the device to maintain stiffness while effectively eliminating shocks, particularly in the low-end frequency range where rumble, footsteps, and other unwanted low-frequency sources are prevalent. To further enhance efficiency, the ShokBase employs two stages of decoupling.

One of the key advantages of the ShokBase is its compatibility with existing microphone holders, which not only simplifies setup but also helps dampen microphone body resonances. Furthermore, the universal design of the ShokBase allows it to be used with classic vintage microphones that are often come hard-mounted. The ShokBase is compatible with quick-release devices for easy setup, making it particularly suitable for mobile and on-site performances and recordings. Additionally, it can be used with stereo bars, eliminating the need for individual shock mounts for each microphone, as well as with 5/8”x27 Atlas (or similar) flanges, which can be integrated into a ceiling, or desks for conference microphone applications.

The Samar ShokBase Shock Mount (Medium) with be marked with two dots on the housing for easy identification.

Samar ShokBase Shock Mount Features

  • Handcrafted in the USA
  • Designed for for larger microphones that are 8 oz to 2 lbs.
  • Invisible while maintaining high effectiveness
  • Compatible with quick-release devices

Samar ShokBase Shock Mount Includes

  • Samar ShokBase Shock Mount (Medium)
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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