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The Redco Little Red Cue Box is a professional audio monitoring device which allows up to four stereo headphones to be controlled separately. A typical use of the Cue Box would be for musicians to listen to the cue mix while laying down tracks in a recording studio.

You can connect up to four pairs of dynamic headphones to the Headphone outputs using 1/4" stereo phone plugs. The volume of each pair of headphones can then be controlled separately, providing a comfortable listening level for each musician while listening to the same cue mix. A typical instance when this is important is while background vocals are being recorded and more than one singer is using the same microphone and cue.

Redco Little Red Cue Box Features

  • Full stereo operation
  • Four headphone position
  • Level trims on each output
  • XLR input and output connectors for series interconnection using regular mic cables
  • Mar-resistant Red Powder Coat finish

Redco Little Red Cue Box Features Specifications

  • Input from Amplifier: 3 pin Female XLR connector. Pin 1 - common ground. Pin 2 - right cue amplifier. Pin 3 - Left cue amplifier.
  • Output from Cue Box: 3 pin Male XLR connector. The signal is straight through from the input allowing connection of further Little Red Cue Boxes for additional headphones. The total number of Cue Boxes that can be cascaded is dependent on the impedance of the headphones used. Connection is made using standard microphone cables.
  • Headphone outputs: Stereo 1/4" phone plug. Designed for up to four dynamic headphones. The outputs are parallel, but with independent rotary control for each output.
  • Dimensions: 3-1/2 x 7 x 2-1/2 inches nominal

Redco Little Red Cue Box Features Includes

  • Redco Little Red Cue Box
  • Manufacturer Warranty

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  • 5
    Should have brought this sooner!
    Shockhouse Studio

    We previously had a powered headphone amp in our vocal booth for the talent. With that amp the talent always would hear interference, after we received this unit all our problems went away. we love the passive amp it best choice made.

  • 5
    Didn’t realize what we were missing!
    Shock House

    Previously we a low brand powered headphone amp solution and it cause random static in the headphone every time the LED lamp was on. when we ordered this cue box and got it installed I was a nice difference. This cue box has a clean sound with plenty of gain level without a power supply. A1 build and can mount to a mic stand love it!

  • 5
    Nice addition.

    It wasnt needed im just a gear head... However It's a nice piece to my gear addition for the price the four seprate channel and daisy chain feature . The only down side is you need a amplifier, there isn't one built in. It take 35watts per side.