RapcoHorizon 5-Pin Active MIDI Cable (50 Foot)

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Custom Built Cable

Due to the various lengths, connectors and options this cable is built to order. Give us a few days to get it heading your way. Go ahead and place your order and we will let you know as soon as it ships. If you have a deadline then please contact us before placing the order so we can meet your expectations.

RapcoHorizon 5-Pin Active MIDI Cable (50 Foot)

RapcoHorizon 5-Pin MIDI Cable uses the maximum shielding possible to ensure that every bit of your MIDI data is transferred properly. This cable is durable and flexible!

RapcoHorizon 5-Pin MIDI Cable Details

RapcoHorizon MIDI cables are used in the transfer of digital information between musical devices, a keyboard or sequencer for example. Digital information is easier to preserve in signal transfer than analog. RapcoHorizon uses the maximum shielding to assure that each bit of information is received in good condition.

RapcoHorizon 5-Pin MIDI Cable Features

  • (4) 24 gauge center conductors
  • Utilizing a serve shield process for quiet operation yielding maximum flexibility
  • Matte jacket PVC material is very flexible yet durable with very low memory
  • Pure copper conductor and shield
  • Individually tested for performance and quality
  • All RapcoHorizon cable assemblies carry a full limited lifetime warranty to the original purchaser against defect in materials and workmanship.

RapcoHorizon 5-Pin MIDI Cable Specifications

  • Cable: MIDI.K
  • Conductor Gauge: (4) 24 gauge
  • Shield: Bare annealed copper serve
  • Shield Coverage: 95%
  • Jacket: Matte PVC
  • O.D.: 0.230"
  • Capacitance: 46 pF/ft. @ 1 kHz
  • Cond.-Shield Capacitance: 57 pF/ft. @ 1 kHz
  • Characteristic Impedance: 44Ω NOMINAL
  • D.C. Resistance @ 20°C: 44Ω NOMINAL

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