Mogami Headphone Extension Cable (25 Foot)


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The Mogami Headphone Extension Cable is custom made from premium Mogami quad mic/line cable and has TRS connectors with all gold contacts. Backed with a lifetime warranty, it doesn't get much better than Mogami!

Mogami is the finest headphone cable that you can buy for neutral tone and noise rejection. If you going to extend the cable run, it should be with Mogami cable! Virtually every major recording facility in the world uses Mogami cables. This means that just about any music you choose has been recorded using Mogami in the audio chain. This cable is famous for unmatched accuracy, extremely low noise and remarkable flexibility. Top engineers rave about its amazing clarity and silent background. If accuracy in reproduction is your goal, this is the cable for you.

Mogami Headphone Extension Cable Features

  • Custom made black epoxy finish with all gold contacts
  • Wired with Neglex Studio Quad
  • Offers superior clarity and freedom from noise/RF interference
  • Lifetime warranty

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