Mogami Gold RCA to RCA Cable (12 Foot)

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Mogami Gold RCA to RCA
Custom Built Cable

Due to the various lengths, connectors and options this cable is built to order. Give us a few days to get it heading your way. Go ahead and place your order and we will let you know as soon as it ships. If you have a deadline then please contact us before placing the order so we can meet your expectations.

Mogami Gold RCA to RCA Cable

The Mogami Gold RCA to RCA Cable is perfect for maintaining the integrity of our audio signal, in studio, live sound, DJ, and home audio/theater applications.

Mogami has been revered by Audio Professionals for almost 50 years. It is undeniably the standard in Music Recording and Post Production facilities worldwide. Until now Mogami was only available to professionals and then only in large bulk quantities. Finally, the world's best cable is available pre-wired, for all live performance and music recording applications. RCA to RCA mono cable, audio, SPDIF or video use (75 ohm).

Mogami Gold RCA to RCA Cable Features

  • Mogami Signature Ultra High Density Spiral Shield with stranded copper
  • So precisely wound that one layer achieves 100% coverage
  • Extremely low loss and neutral cable with dead silent background
  • Popular choice for DJs setting up in unpredictable electrical environments

Mogami Gold RCA to RCA Cable Specifications

  • 2 Conductor W2965 wire
    • 0.226mm² (#24 AWG)
  • DC Resistance at 20°C
    • Inner Cond. 0.083Ω/m(0.025Ω/Ft)
    • Shield 0.025Ω/m(0.0076Ω/Ft)
  • Capacitance at 1kHz, 20°C 57pF/m(17.4pF/Ft)
  • Inductance between conductors at 1kHz. 20°C: 0.4µH/m(0.12µH/Ft)
  • Characteristic Impedance(10MHz): 75W

Mogami Gold RCA to RCA Cable Includes

  • Gold RCA to RCA Cable (your choice of length)
  • Life-Time Warranty

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