Lavry Engineering LK-1 Headphone Cue Mixer

Lavry Engineering

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Lavry Engineering LK-1 Latency Killer Real-Time Headphone Cue Mixer

Lavry Engineering LK-1 Latency Killer Real-Time Headphone Cue Mixer Details

The Lavry Engineering LK-1 Latency Killer Real-Time Headphone Cue Mixer is a specialty product; it does not fit into any standard category. It is for overdubbing work "" latency free real time monitoring of DAW. The basic concept is based on muting the playback of the recorded channel (on the DAW), and replacing it with the music signal before the AD conversion.

Such signal replacement is not new, it has been done in studios utilizing mixers, headphone amplifiers and various gear for steering analog signals. The LK-1 offers a complete integrated solution. The LK-1 offers a big advantage over mixers: There is no signal alteration and no coloration because the LK-1 output is hardwired to the input (no electronics in the signal path). Mixers place many additional circuits in the signal path.

So, why is latency so bad? Well, latency can trip up musicians by causing them discomfort. This negatively impacts their performances. In order to deal with latency, the musicians are forced to make timing adjustments in their heads. An observer may not be able to tell if even a relatively large timing delay was intended by the musician. Meanwhile, the musician may be struggling because what they hear is not as intended.

Latency comes from time delays due to electronics in the signal path between the singer/instrument and the headphones. In many systems, the time delay is due to both computers and converters. While some designs bypass the computer, they offer only a partial solution - the latency due to the converters remains a problem. Further efforts to reduce latency are based on reducing the converter time delays. Converter makers have been pushed to accommodate low latency. This comes at great sacrifices in audio quality. This is the tail wagging the dog. Some IC makers go as far as providing "?switchable" digital filters (lower latency at lower quality or higher latency for higher quality). The LK-1 enables use of quality converters (no latency concerns).

Freedom from latency concerns enables use of large buffers, many plugins in series and even additional hardware in the signal path, with no limits. By employing an ANALOG approach, the Lavry Latency Killer allows musicians to hear themselves in real-time during recording and overdubbing even with systems that utilize higher-quality components. Delay is no longer a concern.

The LK-1 is "?inserted" into your existing signal paths. The signals from the sources to the ADCs are routed through the LK-1. The LK-1 inputs are shorted to the outputs by hardwired connections, resulting in no delay and no degradation in the recorded signal paths. Two other analog inputs accept a stereo-mix from the DAW. The live sound monitoring (the cause of latency) is muted in the DAW computer. The LK-1 replaces that signal with the original source before the DAW AD conversion "" providing a latency free mix.

The user interface of the Latency Killer is designed for easy workflow. The learning curve is minimal. The hookup (with any digital system) is easy and requires no additional hardware (other than a few cables). The rotary settings are precise and repeatable. 3dB coarse and 1/2dB fine steps for volume and thirteen positions for pan. The unit also offers 2 complete user defined presets. Two separate, high-quality headphone amplifiers (with individual volume control) accommodate different headphones and ear sensitivity "" enhancing collaboration. This is especially helpful when the musician and the DAW operator are not the same person. The learning curve is minimal, the setup is easy, and the unit retains all settings when powered down. The user can also store and recall 2 settings from non-volatile memory.

The LK-1 also offers hookup to effect units (DDL and reverb are often used in overdubbing to help the musician hear themselves above the recorded music tracks). The effects channels only modify what is heard through the headphones and leave no marks on the recording tracks. However, there are optional feed-through outputs for effects to be recorded on separate tracks.

Lavry Engineering LK-1 Latency Killer Real-Time Headphone Cue Mixer Features

  • ZERO LATENCY Cue mix with any digital recording system
  • Hard-wired signal path for critical signals with no loss of quality
  • Two recording inputs and Stereo playback monitoring
  • Volume and Panning for recording inputs and Effects
  • Intuitive operation with color-coded push buttons and large knob
  • Two high quality headphone outputs with independent Volume
  • Two Effects Sends and Returns for recording signals
  • Balanced or unbalanced connections for ¼" or XLR inputs & outputs
  • The transparency and signal integrity of a Lavry product
  • Suitable for Tracking and Overdubs

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