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The KRK V8S4 Monitors & Stands Package includes a pair of KRK V8S4 Active Monitors, a pair of Monitor Stands, and a pair of 10 foot Balanced Line Cables with your choice of XLR or 1/4-inch Neutrik connectors. This exclusive bundle gives you everything you need to get set up and listening to your new KRK monitors right out of the box and at the best price available!

The KRK V8S4 Monitors & Stands Package is designed to offer you a near-field monitoring solution. Bundled with On-Stage Stands SMS6000-P Studio Monitor Stands (to enable precise placement of your monitor for optimizing sound in a variety of spaces) and a pair of quality cables, you have everything needed to get up and running... and all at a great savings which really make this a no-brainer! Want a natural and balanced frequency response with low distortion and superior imaging... with unbeatable price, this package is for you! Need more low-mid to low-end balance? Add a sub with the drop-down option menu. Need some isolation control? Then add a pair of Mopads with the drop-down option menu. Either way Front End Audio has you covered so you can get the most out of your monitoring system.

KRK V8S4 Active Monitors
The KRK V8S4 Active Monitors are two-way, full-range studio reference monitors with professional performance and accuracy for recording, mixing and mastering. These monitors feature 1” KRK designed Kevlar® tweeter and 8” lightweight KRK designed woven Kevlar® woofer. Using Kevlar® for both the woofer and tweeter these KRK monitors give you extremely smooth midrange definition without colorization and pristine high-end with tight, controlled low-end as well as a wide sweet spot and beautiful imaging. The 230W KRK designed, bi-amped Class-D amplifier delivers superior transient speed and up to 118 dB of SPL. KRK´s optimized front-ported bass reflex enclosure design avoids boundary coupling to allow flexibility in room positioning. 49 different DSP driven EQ presets deliver superior control for room/desk correction as well as personal taste. The solid aluminum front-baffle and EVA foam pad is like having a built in stabilizer that improves transient response and imaging. Want to know more about the KRK V8S4 Studio Monitors, click here.

On-Stage Stands SMS6000-P Studio Monitor Stands
The On-Stage Stands SMS6000-P Studio Monitor Stands reliably support heavy speakers. Their adjustable height enables precise speaker placement to optimize sound in a variety of spaces. Padding on the speaker platforms provides a nonslip grip, protects speaker cabinets, and dampens vibration. The wide bases provide exceptional stability and offer two floor-contact options to accommodate hard surfaces or carpets. Want to know more about the On-Stage Stands SMS6000-P Studio Monitor Stands, click here.

Balanced Line Cable Details
In studio applications you will need a balanced cable and this bundle includes a pair. Choose between different connector configurations based on your audio interface: 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS, 1/4" TRS to XLR Male, or XLR Male to XLR Female. While we don't specify the brand, as that depends on the stock available. We will ensure that you receive a well built and reliable cable with this package.

KRK V8S4 Monitors & Stands Package Includes

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