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The KRK RP8 Monitors Package includes a pair of KRK RP8 G4 Active Monitors, a pair of Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads and a pair of 10-Foot Balanced Cables with your choice of XLR or 1/4 Neutrik connectors. This exclusive bundle gives you everything you need to get hooked up, isolated and listening to your new KRK monitors right out of the box and at the best price available!

The KRK RP8 Monitors Package is perfect for medium to large sized rooms, or even as a secondary monitor setup for your studio. Bundled with Auralex MoPads (to help isolate your monitors and reduce low-mid/low-end build up) and a pair of quality cables, you have everything needed to get up and running... and all at a great savings which really make this a no-brainer! Need more low-mid to low-end balance? Add a sub with the drop-down option menu.

KRK RP8 Monitors
The KRK RP8 Monitors use premium materials, components and an all-new design that reflects over 30 years of speaker innovation. The KRK RP8 monitors are a significant advancement, bringing professional reference monitoring to everyone. DSP-driven Graphic EQ with 25 settings help condition your acoustic environment while offering new levels of versatility in a studio monitor. Matching drivers made with Kevlar ensures the same sonic integrity across all frequencies. A new scientifically designed speaker enclosure and front-firing port offer exceptional low-end extension and accuracy, punch and flexible room-positioning. The new powerful, yet efficient custom Class D power amplifier drives the speakers evenly and more efficiently at reduced operating temperatures and improves audio integrity. Want to know more about the KRK RP8 G4 Active Monitor, see here.

Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads
Your loudspeakers are the most critical components you use to verify the quality of your work. No matter how good your mixer, mics, preamps, cables, and other pieces of gear that you've invested in, you're not truly hearing what your recordings sound like until you isolate your monitors from their environment. You'll hear an AMAZING difference. MoPads provide sonic isolation between your monitors and whatever your monitors are resting on, INSTANTLY improving the accuracy of your entire monitoring system. Auralex MoPads come with wedge adjusters, allowing you to tilt your studio monitors (or any item to be decoupled/isolated) to multiple listening angles. Want to know more about the Auralex MoPAD Monitor Isolation Pads, see here.

Balanced Line Cable Details
In studio applications you will need a balanced cable and this bundle includes a pair. Choose between different connector configurations based on your audio interface: 1/4" TRS to 1/4" TRS, 1/4" TRS to XLR Male, or XLR Male to XLR Female. While we don't specify the brand, as that depends on the stock available. We will ensure that you receive a well built and reliable cable with this package.

KRK RP8 Monitors Package Includes

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    Monitor Speakers
    Brian Kim

    The selection they had were great! They had even better package deals! FEA kept in touch with me through the whole process and I will continue to purchase through them for the best deals and up to date gear.

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    Simply Incredible!
    Jonathan Holt

    The products was amazing but the thing I liked the most was the staff! Specially Ryan, great guy and I think it's amazing to be able to talk to the staff so easy! Thank you :D