Isoacoustics ISO-Puck 76 Monitor Isolation Stands (Pair)


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The Isoacoustics ISO-Puck 76 Monitor Isolation Stands are a portable solution for decoupling speakers, amps, and DJ gear from surrounding environments, thus improving clarity and focus of the resulting sound. With a weight capacity of 40 lb, each puck can support heavy-duty amps, monitors, cabs, or DJ equipment.

Each ISO-PUCK 76 sports a two-pronged construction. An upper flange features a suction cup design, which sticks to the underside of the connecting cabinet, while the lower isolator adheres to whatever stand/surface you're using for support. Between the upper and lower parts of the puck, all the energy is managed, resulting in a more defined sound. If you're using these pucks with a stereo pair of studio monitors, you'll notice an improvement in punch, low end, and stereo separation. The compact nature of these pucks make them ideal for mounting your studio monitors on meter bridges, desktops, floor stands, consoles, and more. This compactness also lends to portable usages, making the pucks a suitable addition to any sound-engineer's mobile tool kit. These pucks also play well with guitar and bass gear as well as DJ equipment.

Isoacoustics ISO-Puck 76 Monitor Isolation Stands Features

  • For Heavy Monitors, Amps, DJ Gear & More
  • 40 lb Weight Capacity per Puck
  • Portable Solution for Decoupling Needs
  • Provides Isolation and Decoupling
  • Improves Focus & Reduces Image Smearing
  • For Use in Studios & on the Stage
  • Suction Cup Design to Improve Isolation
  • 2 Pucks per Pack

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