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Image Line

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The Image Line Harmless Plug-In is an additive synthesizer doing subtractive synthesis. With Harmless, filters and phasers can be assigned unusual shapes and slopes, the slopes can even be defined in Hz resolution instead of octaves. Finally, Harmless gains control of each partial's frequency, opening a world of new possibilities for creating innovative sounds.

The Image Line Harmless Plug-In is a ground-breaking subtractive-additive synthesizer that sounds amazing, has a huge repertoire and invites experimentation, as you are about to discover.

Not Just Another Subtractive Synth....
You may ask: why? For several reasons. To begin with, there are too many subtractive synthesizers already, often bragging about being virtual analog. This one is digital, and proud to be. Everything is fake, the tone generator, the filter & its resonance, the phaser, all performed on the harmonics, before partials are computed. Now, how it's synthesized shouldn't matter after all, if the result sounds subtractive. But Image Line Harmless is more than a proof of concept, it allows fine control that wouldn't be possible through classic subtractive synthesis. Filtering and phasing can be assigned unusual shapes & slopes, something normally only possible through offline digital filters. Filter slopes can even be defined in Hz instead of octaves. Finally, you get control on each partial's frequency, creating timbres definitely impossible using common synthesis methods.

Harmless, for Less Harmonics
Again, the Image Line Harmless is additive doing subtractive. Harmonics are not produced to be filtered, the timbre is filtered before being generated. This may sound like a detail, but generating sounds this way offers a lot more advantages than drawbacks.

Not Necessarily Less Efficient
Powered by a highly optimized, multithreaded additive engine, CPU usage is comparable to the one of traditional subtractive synthesizers, especially for low-passed timbres. Voices may be generating hundreds of harmonics in parallel and still not overload the CPU.

Because Less is More
The Image Line Harmless was limited by design. Image Line don't have any problem with complex synthesizers (they made several), but they're not for everyone. Here, no tabs, no hidden controls, no multipoint envelopes, all features are visible at once, and color-grouped. Over 100 parameters, most of which being automatable, are laid over a clear GUI.

Harmless, Only in Appearance
Simpler to program, yet packed with evil features. Under the hood, you will find unique options, like linking the phaser's output to partials frequencies. The LFO section can act as a special modulation source, linking the phaser's width to the velocity, or the pitch to the filter's envelope. Of course, the Image Line Harmless also offers features typically unique to additive synthesis, like its automatable harmonic mask. The Image Line Harmless Plug-In is also packed with effects, the usual chorus, delay & reverb, but also a multiband compressor/limiter powered by Maximus itself. It also inherited the powerful unison from Sytrus. In conclusion, Image Line goal was to create a subtractive synthesizer with a unique twist, that also was easy to program, and Image Line believes it succeeded.

Image Line Harmless Plug-In Features

  • Additive-Subtractive engine providing unique capabilities
  • Single page color-coded GUI for immediate gratification
  • Efficient CPU usage & multithreading
  • Harmonic mask function
  • Specialized pluck filter
  • Unique phaser & harmonizer

Image Line Harmless Plug-In Specifications

  • System Requirements:
    • PC:
      • Windows Version: XP (SP2), Vista, 7, 8 (32 & 64 Bit)
      • CPU: 2GHZ AMD or Intel Pentium 3 Compatible CPU with Full SSE1 Support
      • RAM: 512MB
      • Free Disc Space: 30MB
      • Soundcard Compatibility: DirectSound or ASIO Compatible Soundcard
    • Harmless in FL Studio:
      • Harmless Works Inside FL Studio Both Under Windows and macOS
      • General FL Studio System Requirements Apply

Image Line Harmless Plug-In Includes

  • License Key

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