Heil HH-1 Drum Microphone Mount 4-Pack


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The Heil HH-1 Drum Microphone Mount 4-Pack solves many problems encountered when trying to securely mount and effectively position a microphone of most any size on either a snare drum or toms. Sold as a convenient 4-Pack at Front End Audio!

The Heil HH-1 Drum Microphone Mount was designed for the Heil PR-28. However, it can work well for any style of drum microphone for either toms or for even snare drum.

The Heil HH-1 drum mic mount is, in part, as a result of its utility in mounting microphones to drums securely. The Heil HH-1 offers several options to mount, including via the rim, or to the mounting hoops of the drums. The fully adjustable HH-1 was developed with input from jazz drummer and producer, Hunter Herman (hence the HH-1 designation). Like most drummers, Mr. Herman had (in the past), been forced to use methods of mounting drum mics that left him wanting better solutions. Like all producers, he demands mic placement that best captures drum sounds. The Heil HH-1 addresses the need to place drum mics in perfect proximity to the drum to get the desired sound, while ergonomically mounting, and remaining fully adjustable. Whether top mounting, or for when you need a little space between the drum & mic, and/or you're mounting from underneath, you can place your mic with confidence. Mic'ing drums can be challenging considering variables in drum design, number of drums & even the style of the drummer. With the HH-1, you can get into the tightest of tight spots, and you can place microphones where they are going to operate at their optimum level of performance. In live situations, the HH-1 lets sound technicians do great work, without fear of mic stands moving around, or worrying about inferior mounts that tend to break. When you hook up with the rock solid HH-1 mic mount from Heil Sound, You can forget about your mic'ing troubles and start making music.

Heil HH-1 Drum Microphone Mount 4-Pack Features

  • Mounts to the top of the rim, eliminating problems when trying to mount to obstructing floating drum hardware
  • Extra-long pivoting arm allows for perfect positioning of the microphone
  • Sturdy construction and clutches can support heavy duty microphones and vibration without slipping
  • Accepts 1/4"-20 and 5/8"-27 standard mic threads.

Heil HH-1 Drum Microphone Mount 4-Pack Includes

  • 4 x Heil HH-1 Drum Microphone Mount

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