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The Grace Design ALiX  is a studio quality single channel Acoustic Instrument Preamp. With the stunning audio performance and legendary reliability, the ALiX brings open, musical and nuanced sonic character to any performance situation.

The Grace Design ALiX Acoustic Instrument Preamp belongs to its big sibling the FELiX. It is built into the same roadworthy floor unit chassis, portable enough to throw in your bag or strap to your pedalboard, but still deliver studio quality sound to the stage. The same powerful eq section as the FELiX allows simple and intuitive tone shaping. The high pass filter cuts 12dB per octave from 20Hz to 1kHz, and can also be set as a notch filter for chasing down problem feedback or rumble areas. Parametric midrange covers from 70Hz all the way to 8KHz, and fixed low and high controls are carefully voiced for musical shading of bass and treble.

Controls are dead simple and clearly marked on the panel, making them easy to read and tweak on a dark stage. Footswitches include a mute / tune switch for muting all outputs except the dedicated tuner out, and a boost switch which activates the 10dB variable boost circuit. The instrument input has a 3 position impedance switch to ensure your pickup system sounds its very best. The isolated DI output with Grace Design's custom wound transformer delivers stunning clarity and bass response with incredibly low noise. A dedicated, level controlled amplifier output can be used to drive a stage amp or personal monitor, and a dedicated tuner output stays active when all the other outputs are muted.

Power is supplied by a universal 100-240VAC input module. 12V phantom is available in the line input for electret / lavalier mics, and Grace Design has even included a 9VDC 500mA BOSS™ style pedal power output jack, so you can power your tuner and effects right from your Grace Design ALiX. A TRS insert is included for adding effects.

Regardless of what you play – Grace Design ALiX is designed to help you sound better, play better and deepen the bond between you and your instrument.

Grace Design ALiX Acoustic Instrument Preamp Features

  • Open, musical and detailed instrument preamplification for discerning artists and engineers like yourself
  • Ultra precision 0.5% thin film resistors used in the signal path
  • Careful power supply design and grounding for an ultraquiet signal path and professional level headroom and line driving ability
  • Fully ground isolated DI output with high quality, low distortion, fully shielded transformer
  • Super rugged 1/4” connectors with heavy duty metal bushings
  • Powerful, independent EQ – hi and low shelving and full parametric midrange
  • Mid frequency control has two ranges 70-880Hz / 670 - 8kHz
  • 20Hz-1kHz Sweepable HPF on both channels, can also be set as notch filter
  • Mute/ tune footswitch mutes all outputs except dedicated tuner out and headphone output
  • 12V mic input power
  • 9VDC @ 500mA (2.1mm BOSS™ standard center negative) power output for powering other pedals from the Grace Design ALiX
  • Boost footswitch for variable 10dB level boost
  • Dedicated level controlled stage amp output
  • Dedicated tuner out, remains active when unit is muted
  • Side panel switches for mid Hz range select, HPF/notch select, 12V microphone power enable
  • Phase reverse switch
  • 3 Input impedance settings – 330KO, 1MEGO, 10MEGO accommodating a wide range of pickup types
  • TRS effects insert jack
  • Universal 100-240 AC power supply with standard IEC cable – no wall wart - take Grace Design ALiX anywhere in the world!
  • Built for a long, happy life on the road
  • Designed and built by Grace Design in Lyons, CO, USA

Grace Design ALiX Acoustic Instrument Preamp Specifications

  • Gain Range (Instrument Input to DI Output):
    • DI Output, Level: Line: -2dB - 36dB
    • Amp Output: 0dB-39dB
    • Boost: 0dB-10dB
  • THD+N 22Hz-22kHz BW:
    • 1kHz @ 0dB Gain +10dBu Out: <0.0070%
    • 1kHz @ 20dB Gain +10dBu Out: <0.0045%
    • 1kHz @ 36dB Gain +10dBu Out: <0.0080%
  • Intermodulation Distortion - SMPTE/DIN 4:1 7kHz/50Hz:
    • @ 40dB Gain +10dBu Out: <0.05%
  • Frequency Response:
    • Inst Input @ 20dB Gain -3dB: 20Hz – 65kHz
  • I/O Impedance:
    • Instrument Input: HI: 10MO / MED: 1MO / LOW: 330kO
    • Insert Input: 10kO
    • Insert Output, No Pad: 750O
    • Insert Output, -6dB Pad: 375O
    • Insert Output, -16dB Pad: 122O
    • DI Output: 150O
    • Amp Output: 150O
    • Tuner Output: 150O
  • Signal / Peak LED Meter:
    • Green Threshold: -16dBu
    • Red Threshold: +8dBu
  • Maximum Input Level:
    • Instrument Input: +20dBu
    • Insert Return (0dB Boost): +20dBu
  • Maximum Output Level - 100k Ohm Load, 0.1% THD:
    • DI Output (Line): +19dBu
    • DI Output (Mic): -7dBu
    • Amp, Tuner, Insert Outputs: +21dBu
    • Insert Output, No Pad: +21dBu
    • Insert Output, -6dB Pad: +15dBu
    • Insert Output, -16dB Pad: +5dBu
  • High Pass Filter / Notch Filter:
    • High Pass Filter: 20Hz – 1kHz @ -12dB/octave
    • Notch Filter: 20Hz – 1kHz, >-35dB, Q>1.0
  • EQ:
    • Gain: +/- 12dB
    • Low Frequency: Low Range; 125Hz Shelving / High Range; 250Hz Shelving
    • Mid Frequency: Low Range; 70Hz – 880Hz / High Range; 670Hz – 8kHz
    • Mid Frequency Q: 0.5 – 5
    • High Frequency: 2kHz Shelving
  • Dynamic Range 22Hz-22kHz BW:
    • Minimum Gain, DI Out: 118dB
  • Output Noise 22Hz-22kHz BW:
    • Minimum Gain, DI Output: -99dBu
    • Minimum Gain, Amp Out: -96dBu
    • Maximun Gain, DI Out: -77dBu
    • Maximum Gain, Amp Out: -74dBu
  • Power Consumption:
    • 100-240VAC 50/60Hz: 10 Watts Max
  • Power Output:
    • 2.1mm BOSS™ Style Power Jack, Center Negative: 9VDC, 500mA Max
  • Weight & Dimensions:
    • Weight: 2.2lbs (1kg)
    • Dimensions: H3.0” x W6.2” x D5.5” (H7.6cm x W15.7cm x D14.0cm)

Grace Design ALiX Acoustic Instrument Preamp Includes

  • Grace Design ALiX Acoustic Instrument Preamp
  • IEC Power Cable
  • Owners Manual
  • 5 Year Warranty

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  • 5
    Alix by Grace Design
    Tom Menikos

    I was looking for a top shelf Preamp to play my MK Mod Studio P Upright bass through for ... everything... live gigs, recording, the whole 9 yards. It had to be able to handle a Piezo pickup which meant a very high input resistance and I needed some EQ that could be centered around lower frequencies for bringing out the most Acoustic sound possible. I also needed to boost the output of my bass to the amp because it was a passive pickup system, which I REALLY loved the sound of and the fact there was no self noise from an active on board system. So what amplification I needed...HAD to very very low noise for me to be happy. Having been very familiar with Grace Design from owning one of their stereo studio Mic preamps and their wonderful Customer service from the occasional check up and service to ensure things stayed in top shape, I was drawn to the ALIX. Everything I read matched my desired wish list on paper so I pulled the trigger and bought one from the good folks at Front End Audio. The preamp works Excellent. I ALWAYS have too high of expectations with items when I buy them, but in this case this preamp exceeded them! A first time for everything! The self noise never comes into the picture unless everything is cranked wide open... which is never needed ... I love the sound of it personally, I get wonderful comments on how wonderfully acoustic and natural the Upright sounds. The added clean gain I get from the pedal allows me to drive my different bass amps to full volume without added noise. It is a great pleasure to set my tone at the preamp so it remains constant and simply leave all amps in a neutral eq position so that it always sounds consistent. I have not had the chance to send the direct out to a front of house mixer, but I expect it to work flawlessly. An unexpected (but excellent) add was the 9 volt pedal out feed which I run to my Boss tuner pedal. One power cable feed to my playing area and a small power strip for 2 power cables (one for the pedal, one for the amp) and I am in business! A big thumbs up. It was well worth the price in my opinion. Plus it has a 5 year warranty!

  • 5
    The best thing in the world

    Amplifying anything with a pickup? This is the best pre-eq-mute-insert-everything pedal anywhere. Pony up the dough and you will not be disappointed.

  • 5
    The Grace Design ALiX
    Daniel Weldon

    I have never heard a preamp in pedal form that sounds this good, and besides that, it is loaded with great features like, highly configurable EQ (switchable center point in LF, notch control to HP filter, a fully parametric mid control with 2 ranges), 9V 500 ma DC convenience outlet, switchable tip/ring phantom on 1/4" input, and so much more. GREAT PRODUCT!!! And I saved quite a bit with the Front End Audio Black Friday sale price on this item which rarely goes on sale anywhere else!

What We Think


The Grace Design ALiX Acoustic Instrument Preamp is like everything that Grace Design, designs. It is well, over-designed. It is top notch in build quality and in performance. The EQ is smooth and natural, allowing you to contour the tone of your instrument, without any artifacts. It really makes the sound of your instrument finished. The Boost and Gain coupled together can get you into a mild overdrive character that puts a nice bite to the sound. While the Alix is designed for acoustic insturments (primarily for a live performance setting), I have personally found that it sounds great on electric guitars. Using it to get a great clean tone (or slightly bitey tone) in the studio has been something I personally enjoy using the Alix for. So don't think of it as only for acoustic guitars at the local high-dining venue, the Alix is a great peice for the studio as well!

Ryan Ferris, Pro Audio Sales

Got questions? Call me at 1-888-228-4530 I'm here to help!