Coles 4050 Shock Mount

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Product Code: 9999-11890
Coles 4050 Shock Mount
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Coles 4050 Shock Mount

The Coles 4050 Shock Mount is a unique shock mount which magnetically attaches the 4050 ribbon microphones and enables them to be used as a stereo pair or on their own.

The Coles 4050 Shock Mount lets you attach two Coles 4050 Ribbon Microphones via magnets turning them into a stereo mic. Developed using the latest magnet technology, the Coles 4050 Shock Mount allows the mono microphones to be easily rotated through 360 degrees making them very easy to mount in a "Blumlein" (crossed figure-of-eight) stereo configuration or on their own.

Coles 4050 Shock Mount Features

  • A unique shock mount with attractive golden finish
  • Developed using the latest magnet technology
  • Magnetically attaches mono 4050 mics for stereo configuration

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