Celemony Melodyne Essential 5 Software

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Celemony Melodyne Essential
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Celemony Melodyne Essential 5 Software

Celemony Melodyne Essential 5 Software you can edit your vocals using the basic functions for pitch and timing. Its musical, quick and easy.

Melodyne grants you unrivaled access to all the musical details in your recordings and samples – note by note. This is made possible by a sophisticated analysis that delves deeply into your recordings and samples, and recognizes and understands the musical relationships within them: the individual notes and their characteristics, the scales, keys and chords, the timing, the tempo, the tone color. And with Melodyne you can edit all these things intuitively. With vocals, but every type of instrument as well – including polyphonic ones, such as the piano and guitar.

Professional vocal editing
Melodyne brings out the best in your vocal recordings. With note-based editing, you can make corrections, improvements and changes exactly where you want to. Using intelligent correction functions and musical tools that are highly efficient and practical. In consequence, you can bring vocal tracks as close to perfection as you care to, and yet – thanks to Melodyne technologies – they sound as natural as if they had never been edited at all. And if you wish, you can rearrange the vocals, change the melody and even generate additional voices or vocal harmonies.

For all instruments
Melodyne isn’t only for vocals. Every conceivable type of recording or sample can benefit from its unique editing and processing possibilities. From double bass to piccolo, from banjo to grand piano, from a drum loop to ambient drones. Take a lick from your library and adjust it to your song. In tempo, rhythm, harmonic content and tone color. Remove notes from chords or add new ones. Combine tracks from different songs to create a new one. Breathe new life into samples and old recordings. With Melodyne, you can.

Musicality as the highest goal
Despite its high-tech algorithms, Melodyne never feels “technical”. Because all Melodyne technologies are aimed at offering you audio editing that is natural and musical – in the way you work and the sound. Our aim is to enable you to bring as much nuance and sensitivity to your editing with Melodyne as the musician did to the original performance. This can be seen in the precise analysis of the musical content of your recordings and the multitude of high-resolution parameters to which you are afforded access. It can be felt in the intuitiveness of the note “blobs” you can manipulate and modify at will. It can be heard in the sophisticated play algorithms to which Melodyne owes its celebrated sound quality. And it lies in the many details that make working with Melodyne singularly satisfying and the results of unrivaled excellence.

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    Good for pitch correction

    Posted by Zorba Kalonji on Aug 27th 2013

    Very easy to use and very intuitive. Will upgrade soon though to get other Melodyne benefits..