SAVE $300 on the Kush Clariphonic MS!

SAVE $300 on the Kush Clariphonic MS!

Aug 1st 2018

Its not often that we see a sale from Kush, but here one is! For a limited time save $300 on the Kush Clariphonic MS!

The original Clariphonic was a fiendishly clever high frequency equalizer, designed from the ground up with six parallel signal paths that produced the kind of air, sparkle, and presence previously found only in very old, very expensive analog equalizers. It’s long-awaited successor, the Clariphonic MS, has the same mind blowing sonics that made the original a ‘desert island’ piece for engineers around the world.

Now, everyone’s favorite mix EQ offers state-of-the-art Mid-Side processing, 41-step detented pots, and a Master Bypass switch. The new Cut mode on the Focus band softens overly aggressive midrange, while rear-panel mid-side inserts allow you to use any processor in your rack in Mid-Side mode before dusting the result with the Clariphonic’s unique magic.

Clariphonic MS is not only more flexible than the original, it also extends the functionality of every piece of gear in your rack. You’re welcome! Add Everyone's Favorite Desert-Island EQ to your Mix-Buss today!

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