Rupert Neve Designs 545 500 Series Primary Source Enhancer

Rupert Neve Designs 545 500 Series Primary Source Enhancer

Jun 29th 2018

Rupert Neve Designs recently released their new 545 Primary Source Enhancer, which is based on the circuitry of their Portico 5045 Primary Source Enhancer, but the Rupert Neve Designs 545 brings it to the 500 series format. More often than not, we tend to think of the recording studio, when we hear the name Rupert Neve Designs, but their products are largely use by touring artists and companies, as well as in broadcase, and house of worship. That is where the Portico 5045 is acclaimed, and the new Rupert Neve Designs 545 will shine as well - allowing for more channels in a smaller package, and bringing a powerful solution to the live industry.

Whether for vocals and speech, or instruments, the 545 Primary Source Enhancer is, “exceptionally useful at reducing feedback without negatively impacting the sonic integrity of the source, the 545 effectively increases the level of a live microphone signal before feedback occurs by up to 20dB. With simply laid out, easily adjustable controls, the 545 is an invaluable addition to any setup where feedback or reverberation are problematic.

The Rupert Neve Designs 545 Primary Source Enhancer boosts an extreme ease of use with it's intuituve and simple controls. Once engaged (Active); all you need to do is adjust your threshold (-18dB to +12dB), and then your depth (how much attenuation is applied to the signal when below the threshold, at 0dB to -20dB). You can also select between two time constants with the “Fast Button”, as well as switch between Peak and RMS detection modes. Being that the 545 Primary Source Enhancer is “Built around Rupert Neve Designs’ custom input and output transformers, its all-analog circuitry provides superb control and sonic performance without compromising the integrity of the source material. This makes the 545 the most intuitive, natural-sounding and effective method of feedback reduction available on the market.

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