Roswell is more Pro Audio, and a little Sci-Fi

Roswell is more Pro Audio, and a little Sci-Fi

Nov 9th 2017

They definitely played the humor into their logo, with the Flying Saucer R – but, Roswell Pro Audio is well, pro audio. What might be on the “Sci-Fi” side of things, is how they bring “boutique” to a very reasonable price point. Case in point: the Roswell Mini K47 Microphone. Roswell first introduced themselves to the audio industry (around two years ago) with the Mini K47 – which quickly shot up in popularity. This was due to the surprising quality and performance, at what really is an entry level price point. The Mini K47 quickly became a favorite workhorse of many people. It's smooth yet clear detailed top, with full balanced mids and bottom – provided a natural character that just plain works on everything. Many folks utilize a pair of them from drum overheads. I myself found it to be one of the best mics of mandolin, that I have used. It was a lot of fun getting to know this mic in my studio (as you can probably tell from my review – linked below).

What came next, had to be good. The Mini K47 is kind of a hard act to follow. But, Roswell delivered the goods with the Roswell Delphos Microphone. The Delphos is another very solid mic. But, what makes this mic different from the Mini K47 - is the vibe, and the two polar patterns (Cardioid and Omni). The Delphos is a bit more sensitive, giving you a little more energy/life to the sound. The Delphos also has a fuller low mid, more electricity in the upper mids, and an overall slight bit more presence in the mid range. This gives the Delphos sort of a vintage vibe, allowing for a warmer body to the sound source, and a "70's character" to the clarity of the mic. Things of course relax and open up in omni, but that vibe is still there. To me, the Delphos is a winner for acoustic instruments in a more bluesy/folky/classic rock fashion, and is impressive for vocals.

Further, they have brought something quite interesting to market, that is specifically geared towards a field often overlooked. The Voice-Over field. That is where the Roswell RA-VO Microphone come in. Roswell worked with Jordan Reynolds, a professional voiceover talent and audio producer, to develop this microphone. Roswell tested multiple capsule types, circuits, and tunings, over multiple iterations, until they found a microphone that made Jordan put his former go-to VO mic back in its box for good. Jordan writes, "There is just nothing harsh or shrill about this mic. It is, hands down, the most flat and natural sounding mic I've ever heard on my voice... I am super in love with this mic. Infatuated!"

Roswell came out swinging hard, and continue to go for the fences – every time they're up to bat. They're batting a very strong average. If you have yet to check them out, do yourself a favor. Roswell is one to keep your eyes on.

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