Peluso Announces the P-47 SS Microphone

Peluso Announces the P-47 SS Microphone

Jan 11th 2021

Peluso Microphone Labs has announced their new P-47 SS Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone. The P-47 SS differs from the 2247 in the fact that it is a solid state (SS) FET based microphone. This is touted to "provide a much lower noise floor and a cleaner sound overall."

Further, the P-47 SS features a "classic single back plate dual-diaphragm condenser capsule that gives a unique bell shaped proximity effect  This can provide a low-end enhancement excellent for broadcast vocals. The on-board 75dB pad will temper this proximity effect when not desired. The Peluso P-47 SS is a rich detailed microphone with lots of character that will be a welcome addition to your microphone locker."

For those looking forward to adding another great Peluso microphone to their collection, the P-47 SS is ready for ordering now!

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