Introducing the New Heritage Audio i73 Pro Audio Interfaces!

Introducing the New Heritage Audio i73 Pro Audio Interfaces!

By Front End Audio on Jan 22nd 2024

Introducing the New Heritage Audio i73 Pro Audio Interfaces!

Introducing the New Heritage Audio i73 Pro Audio InterfacesHeritage Audio has just released a series of three new audio interfaces called the Pro i73. They all feature on-board DSP for real-time tracking and allow you to direct monitor your recordings with Heritage Audio's included MIXER software! This means you can record with processing on the way into your DAW with imperceptible latency! You can even record wet and dry signals of the same recording at the same time using the MIXER software. The interfaces are sleek and all anyone really needs to get to work on professional sounding recordings with a fun and efficient workflow! The three models int the i73 Pro Series have a few differences we'll go over below. 

Heritage Audio i73 Pro 2
The Heritage Audio i73 Pro 2 Audio Interface is a 2x4 USB-C interface with two 1073 style preamps! It features two combo input jacks, two TRS monitor outputs, MIDI, and USB-C connectivity. The two Class A 1073 style preamps have up to 70 db of gain and on the front of the unit, you have an instrument input for guitars or bass. The front also features a handy headphone output. You have dedicated input and output gain knobs for each channel as you would on a 1073 preamp and for your monitoring, you have a Mono, Dim, and Mute button above the volume knob. Each channel features a +48V, PAD, and a PHASE button. 

Heritage Audio i73 Pro Edge
The Heritage Audio i73 Pro Edge Audio Interface is an expanded version of the Pro 2 interface. It features two extra TRS outputs, two extra TRS line inputs (with an optional pad control button), an extra instrument input and headphone output. It's also expandable via ADAT, meaning you can add an additional 8 inputs and 8 outputs to your recording rig. This also allows you to expand for things like outboard gear if you'd like to incorporate some analog hardware into your rig. 

Heritage Audio i73 Pro One
The Heritage Audio i73 Pro One Audio Interface is the stripped-down version. If you only need one microphone preamp or guitar input, the i73 Pro One is for you! It still features the same quality of conversion, just in a smaller format. You still have an additional input on the back for line-level signals. The line input has it's own dedicated output knob.

These new audio interfaces from Heritage Audio are awesome values and the fact that they have onboard DSP makes them a real competitor with other interfaces in their price range. Their mixer software looks sleek too and looks to give you all the control you need for tracking and monitoring. We're excited about the i73 Pro line and we're happy to say they're available for purchase now at Front End Audio! If you have any questions about these interfaces or any of Heritage Audio's other gear, give us a call at Front End Audio! We're here to help.

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