Introducing the Heritage Audio Symph EQ

Introducing the Heritage Audio Symph EQ

Jan 29th 2021

Heritage Audio has announced their new Symph EQ. The Symph EQ (or Stereo Asymptotic Equalizer) utilizes a "functional equivalent" to the Baxandall topology. The name comes from the shape obtained by its shelf curves; where the boost or cut amplitude grows up until the asymptotic value is reached, keeping the ultra highs and sub lows always controlled. This creates a surgical yet highly musical EQ, making it an awesome sculpting tool. The Symph EQ features the came Carnhill input transformers found in their Successor compressor, as well as 73-style output amplifiers (with the same Carnhill output transformers found in the rest of the Heritage Audio family). Furthermore the Symph EQ includes Mid/Side processing capabilities!

"Nothing comes close to M/S equalizing a mix. It allows the user to process the center and the sides independently. The benefits of such processing are hard to believe. You can brighten your mix without making your vocals sound harsh, or even tighten the stereo-image’s bass content without making your bass or kick sound weak! This are just a few examples of the Symph EQ M/S power! The response of the Side high pass filter has been made elliptical as in the vintage disk cutters for precise frequency response."

The Heritage Audio Symph EQ positions itself to be a unique, powerful, and unrivaled equalizer for any home or professional studio.

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