Hello, My Name's Reika

Hello, My Name's Reika

By Front End Audio on Nov 9th 2017

Hello, My Name's Reika

Hello big, wide world!

My name is Reika Dog. I am a girl boxer, but I’ve since retired from the boxing ring and now work part-time at Front End Audio.

I’m not sure what my official title is, but I want to say it’s “Good Girl” since that’s what the humans I work with say most often to me after I complete one of my very important tasks.

Generally, I’m on look out duty; trying my best to keep things safe around here. I do the standard sniff-down of everyone coming into the building; I may even lick them if necessary.

And occasionally I even take the FEA humans out for a nice walk to stretch their legs and get some fresh air.

It’s a hard job, but some dog has got to do it!

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